Examensarbete för Masterexamen i logopedi

Här nedan finns författare och titel på samtliga examensarbeten vid enheten för masterexamen i logopedi, 30 hp.

Eftersom målet är att examensarbetet ska publiceras i en vetenskaplig tidskrift så publiceras det inte här. Är du intresserad, kontakta författaren för information.

Examensarbeten för Masterexamen i logopedi
Författare Titel
Anna Fabiansson An Interview Study of Children and Young Peoples’ Experiences of the Dyslexia Assessment Process: Aspects of Participation
Ann-Sofie Eriksson Dysfagi vid ALS - hur kan ALS-teamet underlätta patientens delaktighet och beslutsfattande gällande dysfagiinsatser?
Cecilia Gembäck Online indirect group treatment for preschool children who stutter: effects on stuttering severity and the impact of stuttering on child and parents.
Julia Wallman DLD in school - the experiences of different stakeholders
Victoria Kelly Transwomen`s goal attainments and self-evaluations after gender affirming voice training related to audio perceptual ratings by naive listerners
Anna Alex Assessing eating and swallowing in adults born with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities: Reliability and validity of a Swedish translation of the Dysphagia Assessment Package
Anna Lundblad Evaluation of visual feedback in subglottal pressure measurements - A methodological study
Ellinor Strandberg Babbling and Early Speech in Extremely Premature Infants
Hanna Persson Cognitive Training and Language Functions: A Case Study with R-fMRI during a Sustained Attention Psychomotor Vigilance Task
Emma Lindroos Free from Dysphagia? A Test Battery to Differentiate between Mild and No Dysphagia.
Kajsa Söderhielm Communicative participation in goal-setting meetings for patients with aphasia after stroke: patients’ and healthcare professionals’ self-ratings on communication efficiency.
Lena Lindberger Measuring communicative style in parents of infants with suspected neurodevelopmental delays: reliability test and adaptation of the RAACS instrument
Miriam Hartstein STORM (Stockholm Oral Motor Assessment) - A description of how children with and without orofacial disabilities perform on oral sensorimotor tasks - reliability and validity
Anna Bergman Narrative retells in Swedish adolescents with ADHD: Effects of Picture support on macro- and microlevel measures
Camilla Nilsson How are speech disorders perceived among peers? Aqualitative content analysis of focus group interviews with 10-11-year- old children
Sara Burge Biology, behaviour or bias? Factors Influencing referral of preschool-aged girls and boys with suspected Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) to Pediatric Speech and Language Services
Ann-Kristin Näsström Development of a Method for Assessment of Dysarthria in Foreign Language - a Pilot Study
Marika Schütz Neurorehabilitation Reshapes Brain Network in Chronic Aphasia with Apraxia Speech
Lovisa Femrell Quantitative and qualitative aspects of communication between children after treatment according to the Libcombe Program - a pilot study
Karin Huss Surgical treatment of vocal fold nodules results from a Swedish national quality registe
Emmelie Persson Repetitive Saliva Swallowing Test: norms, diagnostic validity and the impact of saliva secretion
Petter Lindblad Effects of intensive vocabulary intevention (nouns) for preschool children with global developmental delay
Anna Nyman Babbling and consonant production in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities
Ineke Samson Stuttering form a gender perspective - a follow-up study of girls and boys diagnoses with stuttering: 5-9 years after referall
Liv Thalén Exploring the benefit of supported communication for patients with cognitive impariment when participating in discharge meeting
Helena Björelius The Swedish Version of VMPAC (Verbal Motor Assessment for Children): Reliability and Evaluation on a Clinical Group
Liisi Raud Westberg Speech in 3-years-old children with unilateral cleft lip and palate: Impact of method for palatal repair and early intervention
Ann Malmenholt Childhood Apraxia of Speech: a survey of knowledge and experience in Swedish speech language pathologists
Marion Lieberman Validation of an observation form for babbling and articulation in children with and without cleft palate at 12 and 18 months
Åsa Catapano