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We have about 60 doctoral students at the Department of Public Health Sciences, conducting research within the research areas of global health, social medicine and public health epidemiology. 

The doctoral education at the department has a multidisciplinary scientific orientation and attracts both national and international students, which adds a lot of value to the scientific environment.

The department also has Swedish doctoral students conducting research in other countries, mostly in low-income countries. The department strives to provide an environment that stimulates critical thinking and scientific development. The doctoral education at the Karolinska Institute corresponds to four years of full-time studies. Courses and other planned educational activities shall constitute 20 weeks, while the major part of the education involves work within a research project.  

Interested in doctoral studies?

Are you interested in doctoral studies at PHS? Start by reading about the application and admission process for doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet. 

If you already have financing for your research in place, you can contact any of the research groups at the department.  

You can also apply to the PhD-research positions advertised. Find the current available positions at the department

Admission to doctoral education

There is no general admission to doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet. All admission procedures are handled at the department level. New doctoral students are admitted to the doctoral education at the department through an admission seminar. The department arrange admission seminars on two occasions each semester. 

Admission seminars and the admissions board at PHS

Apply to the doctoral education at the department?

Please see application and admission to doctoral education at PHS

Already a doctoral student?

For registered doctoral students at the department, find more information on the page for current doctoral students at PHS

At KI's internwebb you can find general information for current doctoral students about doctoral education at KI

Doctoral programmes

The doctoral programmes are themed and reflect large research areas. They offer a variety of courses and other educational activities within a designated research area and contribute to maintain a high quality doctoral education. 

The Department of Public Health Sciences is coordinating the Doctoral programmes in Public Health Science and in Infection Biology and Global Health. The department also holds a seat in the board for the Doctoral programme in Epidemiology as well as in the board for the Doctoral Programme in Health Care Science.   

The national doctoral research school in Global Health

The aim of the research school is to achieve multi-disciplinary collaboration in education, research and training by coordinating existing courses and seminars in global health and develop new courses to fill gaps in knowledge and improve quality of research training. The aim is also to increase participation of the collaborating institutions in low and middle-income countries, creating a formalized network of institutions in Sweden and collaborating countries.

The national doctoral research school in Global health is a collaboration between University of Umeå, Karolinska Institutet and University of Lund. 

For more information about the research school, please see the website 


Administrative Officer

Administrative officer

Marita Larsson

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 801 05
Organizational unit: Department of Public Health Sciences (PHS), K9

Director of Doctoral Education

Senior lecturer

Marie Hasselberg

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 833 74
Organizational unit: Department of Public Health Sciences (PHS), K9

Acting Director of Doctoral Education

Project coordinator

Helle Mölsted Alvesson

Organizational unit: Department of Public Health Sciences (PHS), K9


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