Project: Gender differences in carcinogenesis

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In this project we investigate sex differences in response to carcinogens. A main objective is to identify chemicals exhibiting sexual dimorphism in their response. Another objective is to identify mode of action for these chemicals. Of special interest is oxidative stress and male susceptibility to carcinogens.

Contact person

Ulla Stenius, Professor


  • The Swedish research Council for Environment
  • Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (FORMAS)


Exocrine pancreatic carcinogenesis and autotaxin expression.
Kadekar S, Silins I, Korhonen A, Dreij K, Al-Anati L, Högberg J, et al
PLoS ONE 2012 ;7(8):e43209

Gender differences in chemical carcinogenesis in National Toxicology Program 2-year bioassays.
Kadekar S, Peddada S, Silins I, French J, Högberg J, Stenius U
Toxicol Pathol 2012 Dec;40(8):1160-8