Development Office wishes you a happy summer!

We at the Development Office wish all our KI friends a happy summer and we also would like to share some healthy holiday advice.

Studenter och medarbetare vid gräsmattan på campus Solna, spelar volleyboll och sitter i solen.
Bilder från fototillfälle den 24 maj 2022. Foto: Liza Simonsson

Health advice in the summer heat

Overall, we humans are good at regulating our body temperature by perspiring, compared to other mammals, but we might struggle in a heat wave. When it’s hot outside, a cold bath can help bringing our body temperatures down so go for a swim or take a cold shower, preferable before going to be.  However, take it easy with the cold baths and stay away from saunas if you have a heart problem.

Get moving

For those of you who are 50+, remember to exercise your thigh muscles as it helps with your blood sugar levels! Exercise doesn’t have to be hard, talk the stairs sometimes or do some squats in front of the TV. Repeated endurance training results in lasting changes, including activation of many genes in the muscles - with improved metabolism and less inflammation as a result. The phenomenon is called epigenetic influence.


Don’t feel guilty if you take a few extra naps in the summer. You can read about why in KI researcher John Axelsson's article in The Conversation. If you want to learn a little more about how camping can help us become more of a morning person, have a look at this article in TIME (from one of Johns Axelsson's research group's camping studies). If you are curious about how the moon affects sleep or would like advice on how you can improve your sleep, you can read John's book "Sömnsmart", which will be released at the end of the summer.

Summer reading

Another tip for summer reading is Frisk utan flum. It is written by KI researcher Jessica Norrbom, educator of the year 2021, who has published several popular science books about what the research actually says when it comes to physical activity and health.

For those of you who prefer podcasts in the hammock, we would like to recommend KI's own popular science podcast Medicinvetarna. Some of the latest episodes addresses topics such as comfortable weight and fat, memory and fatigue syndrome.

With that, we at the Development Office wish you a happy summer and we would also like to take the opportunity to thank all of you who show interest in Karolinska Institutet and to those of you who support our research.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of KI's research, you are most welcome to contact us for more information.