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Emotional expressions of the sick face
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The intraparietal sulcus governs multisensory integration of audiovisual information based on task difficulty
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When preschoolers follow their eyes and older children follow their noses: visuo-olfactory social affective matching in childhood
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A Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the Sniffin' Sticks Olfactory Identification Test for US children
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Olfactory function and the social lives of older adults: a matter of sex
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Bayesian-based integration of multisensory naturalistic perithreshold stimuli
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Perception of trigeminal mixtures
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Unilateral Resection of the Anterior Medial Temporal Lobe Impairs Odor Identification and Valence Perception
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From molecule to mind: an integrative perspective on odor intensity
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Odor valence linearly modulates attractiveness, but not age assessment, of invariant facial features in a memory-based rating task
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Aversive learning increases sensory detection sensitivity
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Mind over age--stereotype activation and olfactory function
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Multisensory integration mechanisms during aging
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Size of nostril opening as a measure of intranasal volume
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Statistical localization of human olfactory cortex
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Modulation of Olfactory Perception by Visual Cortex Stimulation
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Stimulus Selection for Intranasal Sensory Isolation: Eugenol Is an Irritant
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The 40-item Monell Extended Sniffin' Sticks Identification Test (MONEX-40)
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The Smell of Age: Perception and Discrimination of Body Odors of Different Ages
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Time for Taste-A Review of the Early Cerebral Processing of Gustatory Perception
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Central Processing of the Chemical Senses: An Overview
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Gustatory and olfactory dysfunction in older adults: a national probability study
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Identification of Human Gustatory Cortex by Activation Likelihood Estimation
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The Vomeronasal Organ is not Involved in the Perception of Endogenous Odors
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Carbon chain length and the stimulus problem in olfaction
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Comment on "Olfactory hallucinations as a manifestation of hidden rhinosinusitis"
Frasnelli J, Reden J, Landis Bn, Lundstrom Jn

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Methods for building an inexpensive computer-controlled olfactometer for temporally-precise experiments
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Neuroanatomical correlates of olfactory performance
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The fish is bad: Negative food odors elicit faster and more accurate reactions than other odors
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The neuronal correlates of intranasal trigeminal function-an ALE meta-analysis of human functional brain imaging data
Albrecht J, Kopietz R, Frasnelli J, Wiesmann M, Hummel T, Lundstrom Jn
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Assessment of Sensory Function in the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project
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Romantic love modulates women's identification of men's body odors
Lundstrom Jn, Jones-gotman M
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The Human Brain Distinguishes between Single Odorants and Binary Mixtures
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The Neuronal Substrates of Human Olfactory Based Kin Recognition
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A rose by any other name: Would it smell as sweet?
Djordjevic J, Lundstrom Jn, Clement F, Boyle Ja, Pouliot S, Jones-gotman M

Biological basis of the third-cousin crush
Lundstrom Jn, Wysocki Cj, Olsson Mj, Preti G, Yamazaki K
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Body position-dependent shift in odor percept present only for perithreshold odors
Lundstrom Jn, Boyle Ja, Jones-gotman M
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Functional neuronal processing of body odors differs from that of similar common odors
Lundstrom Jn, Boyle Ja, Zatorre Rj, Jones-gotman M
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A putative female pheromone affects mood in men differently depending on social context
Olsson Mj, Lundstrom Jn, Diamantopoulou S, Esteves F

A putative social chemosignal elicits faster cortical responses than perceptually similar odorants
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Effects of reproductive state on olfactory sensitivity suggest odor specificity
Lundstrom Jn, Mcclintock Mk, Olsson Mj

Olfactory event-related potentials reflect individual differences in odor valence perception
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On the trigeminal percept of androstenone and its implications on the rate of specific anosmia
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Sex-specific hemispheric differences in cortical activation to a bimodal odor
Lundstrom Jn, Hummel T

Sit up and smell the roses better: Olfactory sensitivity to phenyl ethyl alcohol is dependent on body position
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Androstadienone odor thresholds in adolescents
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Sex differentiated responses to intranasal trigeminal stimuli
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Subthreshold amounts of social odorant affect mood, but not behavior, in heterosexual women when tested by a male, but not a female, experimenter
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Assessment of olfactory function and androstenone odor thresholds in humans with or without functional occlusion of the vomeronasal duct
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Psychological effects of subthreshold exposure to the putative human pheromone 4,16-androstadien-3-one
Lundstrom Jn, Goncalves M, Esteves F, Olsson Mj
HORMONES AND BEHAVIOR 2003;44(5):395-401

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