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As an Associate Professor in Epidemiology at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Division of Insurance medicine, I am head of the research group MENTE "Mental health and social integration". In that capacity, I am the Principal Investigator of several large epidemiological studies, involving around 30 researchers both in Europe and the United States. I am also a Guest Professor at the Medical University in Vienna, Austria.

The overarching aim of my research is to bridge research traditions in psychiatric epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology and insurance medicine in order to study ethiology, treatment and prognosis of mental disorders and suicidal behaviour.

One line of research aims to test different hypotheses within the conceptual framework of life-course epidemiology with regard to the ethiology and prognosis of suicidal behaviour by applying advanced epidemiological methods.

Another line of research deals with pharmacological treatment of mental disorders and with work disability due to mental disorders.

And a third line of research deals with migration and mental health. Here emphasis is on elucidating potential differences in pathways to labor market marginalisation in the native population compared to different migrant groups.




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