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A thiol-bound drug reservoir enhances APR-246-induced mutant p53 tumor cell death.
Ceder S, Eriksson SE, Cheteh EH, Dawar S, Corrales Benitez M, Bykov VJN, et al
EMBO Mol Med 2020 Dec;():e10852

MYC as a driver of stochastic chromatin networks: implications for the fitness of cancer cells.
Sumida N, Sifakis EG, Kiani NA, Ronnegren AL, Scholz BA, Vestlund J, et al
Nucleic Acids Res 2020 Oct;():

A pan-cancer analysis of the frequency of DNA alterations across cell cycle activity levels.
Lundberg A, Lindström LS, Parker JS, Löverli E, Perou CM, Bergh J, et al
Oncogene 2020 Aug;39(32):5430-5440

External Evaluation of 3 Commercial Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Independent Assessment of Screening Mammograms.
Salim M, Wåhlin E, Dembrower K, Azavedo E, Foukakis T, Liu Y, et al
JAMA Oncol 2020 Aug;():

Irreversible TrxR1 inhibitors block STAT3 activity and induce cancer cell death
S. Busker, W. Qian, M. Haraldsson, B. Espinosa, L. Johansson, S. Attarha, et al
Sci Adv 2020 Mar; 6(12)

AXL and CAV-1 play a role for MTH1 inhibitor TH1579 sensitivity in cutaneous malignant melanoma.
Das I, Gad H, Bräutigam L, Pudelko L, Tuominen R, Höiom V, et al
Cell Death Differ. 2020 Jan;():

PCSK6 Is a Key Protease in the Control of Smooth Muscle Cell Function in Vascular Remodeling.
Rykaczewska U, Suur BE, Röhl S, Razuvaev A, Lengquist M, Sabater-Lleal M, et al
Circ. Res. 2020 Jan;():

Ribonucleotide reductase inhibitors suppress SAMHD1 ara-CTPase activity enhancing cytarabine efficacy.
Rudd SG, Tsesmetzis N, Sanjiv K, Paulin CB, Sandhow L, Kutzner J, et al
EMBO Mol Med 2020 Jan;():e10419

CD73 immune checkpoint defines regulatory NK cells within the tumor microenvironment.
Neo SY, Yang Y, Record J, Ma R, Chen X, Chen Z, et al
J. Clin. Invest. 2020 Feb;():

MAIT Cells in Health and Disease.
Magalhaes I, Solders M, Kaipe H
Methods Mol. Biol. 2020 ;2098():3-21

Overlapping genetic architecture between Parkinson disease and melanoma.
Dube U, Ibanez L, Budde JP, Benitez BA, Davis AA, Harari O, et al
Acta Neuropathol. 2020 02;139(2):347-364

Deep Learning Based on Standard H&E Images of Primary Melanoma Tumors Identifies Patients at Risk for Visceral Recurrence and Death.
Kulkarni PM, Robinson EJ, Sarin Pradhan J, Gartrell-Corrado RD, Rohr BR, Trager MH, et al
Clin. Cancer Res. 2020 Mar;26(5):1126-1134

Inhibition of Vps34 reprograms cold into hot inflamed tumors and improves anti-PD-1/PD-L1 immunotherapy.
Noman MZ, Parpal S, Van Moer K, Xiao M, Yu Y, Viklund J, et al
Sci Adv 2020 May;6(18):eaax7881

Gefitinib and Afatinib Show Potential Efficacy for Fanconi Anemia-Related Head and Neck Cancer.
Montanuy H, Martínez-Barriocanal Á, Antonio Casado J, Rovirosa L, Ramírez MJ, Nieto R, et al
Clin. Cancer Res. 2020 Jun;26(12):3044-3057

MTH1 inhibitor TH588 disturbs mitotic progression and induces mitosis-dependent accumulation of genomic 8-oxodG.
Rudd SG, Gad H, Sanjiv K, Amaral N, Hagenkort A, Groth P, et al
Cancer Res. 2020 Apr;():

The outcome of ex vivo TIL expansion is highly influenced by spatial heterogeneity of the tumor T-cell repertoire and differences in intrinsic in vitro growth capacity between T-cell clones.
Poschke IC, Hassel JC, Rodriguez Ehrenfried A, Lindner KAM, Heras-Murillo I, Appel LM, et al
Clin. Cancer Res. 2020 Apr;():

Caring for patients with cancer in the COVID-19 era.
van de Haar J, Hoes LR, Coles CE, Seamon K, Fröhling S, Jäger D, et al
Nat. Med. 2020 05;26(5):665-671

Pembrolizumab plus chemotherapy as neoadjuvant treatment of high-risk, early-stage triple-negative breast cancer: results from the phase 1b open-label, multicohort KEYNOTE-173 study.
Schmid P, Salgado R, Park YH, Muñoz-Couselo E, Kim SB, Sohn J, et al
Ann. Oncol. 2020 05;31(5):569-581

Integrative pathway enrichment analysis of multivariate omics data.
Paczkowska M, Barenboim J, Sintupisut N, Fox NS, Zhu H, Abd-Rabbo D, et al
Nat Commun 2020 02;11(1):735

Adaptive RSK-EphA2-GPRC5A signaling switch triggers chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer.
Moyano-Galceran L, Pietilä EA, Turunen SP, Corvigno S, Hjerpe E, Bulanova D, et al
EMBO Mol Med 2020 Apr;12(4):e11177

Thermal Proteome Profiling Identifies Oxidative-Dependent Inhibition of the Transcription of Major Oncogenes as a New Therapeutic Mechanism for Select Anticancer Compounds.
Peuget S, Zhu J, Sanz G, Singh M, Gaetani M, Chen X, et al
Cancer Res. 2020 Apr;80(7):1538-1550

Outcome of Men With Relapses After Adjuvant Bleomycin, Etoposide, and Cisplatin for Clinical Stage I Nonseminoma.
Fischer S, Tandstad T, Cohn-Cedermark G, Thibault C, Vincenzi B, Klingbiel D, et al
J. Clin. Oncol. 2020 Apr;38(12):1322-1331

CETSA in integrated proteomics studies of cellular processes.
Prabhu N, Dai L, Nordlund P
Curr Opin Chem Biol 2020 Feb;54():54-62

Managing COVID-19 in the oncology clinic and avoiding the distraction effect.
Cortiula F, Pettke A, Bartoletti M, Puglisi F, Helleday T
Ann. Oncol. 2020 05;31(5):553-555

Cellular thermal shift assay for the identification of drug-target interactions in the Plasmodium falciparum proteome.
Dziekan JM, Wirjanata G, Dai L, Go KD, Yu H, Lim YT, et al
Nat Protoc 2020 Jun;15(6):1881-1921

The antimalarial drug amodiaquine stabilizes p53 through ribosome biogenesis stress, independently of its autophagy-inhibitory activity.
Espinoza JA, Zisi A, Kanellis DC, Carreras-Puigvert J, Henriksson M, Hühn D, et al
Cell Death Differ. 2020 Feb;27(2):773-789

Pathway and network analysis of more than 2500 whole cancer genomes.
Reyna MA, Haan D, Paczkowska M, Verbeke LPC, Vazquez M, Kahraman A, et al
Nat Commun 2020 02;11(1):729

Genome-wide association meta-analyses combining multiple risk phenotypes provide insights into the genetic architecture of cutaneous melanoma susceptibility.
Landi MT, Bishop DT, MacGregor S, Machiela MJ, Stratigos AJ, Ghiorzo P, et al
Nat. Genet. 2020 May;52(5):494-504

Pembrolizumab for Early Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.
Schmid P, Cortes J, Pusztai L, McArthur H, Kümmel S, Bergh J, et al
N. Engl. J. Med. 2020 02;382(9):810-821

Association of Genomic Domains in BRCA1 and BRCA2 with Prostate Cancer Risk and Aggressiveness.
Patel VL, Busch EL, Friebel TM, Cronin A, Leslie G, McGuffog L, et al
Cancer Res. 2020 02;80(3):624-638

Combined burden and functional impact tests for cancer driver discovery using DriverPower.
Shuai S, , Gallinger S, Stein L,
Nat Commun 2020 02;11(1):734

Artificial intelligence for diagnosis and grading of prostate cancer in biopsies: a population-based, diagnostic study.
Ström P, Kartasalo K, Olsson H, Solorzano L, Delahunt B, Berney DM, et al
Lancet Oncol. 2020 02;21(2):222-232

Using personalized immune-humanized xenograft mouse models to predict immune checkpoint responses in malignant melanoma: potential and hurdles.
Helleday T
Ann. Oncol. 2020 02;31(2):167-168

Ribonucleotide reductase inhibitors suppress SAMHD1 ara-CTPase activity enhancing cytarabine efficacy.
Rudd SG, Tsesmetzis N, Sanjiv K, Paulin CB, Sandhow L, Kutzner J, et al
EMBO Mol Med 2020 Mar;12(3):e10419

MPL mutations in essential thrombocythemia uncover a common path of activation with eltrombopag dependent on W491.
Levy G, Carillo S, Papoular B, Cassinat B, Zini JM, Leroy E, et al
Blood 2020 Mar;135(12):948-953

Key Structural Motifs Balance Metal Binding and Oxidative Reactivity in a Heterobimetallic Mn/Fe Protein.
Kisgeropoulos EC, Griese JJ, Smith ZR, Branca RMM, Schneider CR, Högbom M, et al
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020 Mar;142(11):5338-5354

Factors Affecting Sentinel Node Metastasis in Thin (T1) Cutaneous Melanomas: Development and External Validation of a Predictive Nomogram.
Maurichi A, Miceli R, Eriksson H, Newton-Bishop J, Nsengimana J, Chan M, et al
J. Clin. Oncol. 2020 May;38(14):1591-1601

Outcome and presentation of heart failure in breast cancer patients: findings from a Swedish register-based study.
Hedayati E, Papakonstantinou A, Gernaat SAM, Altena R, Brand JS, Alfredsson J, et al
Eur Heart J Qual Care Clin Outcomes 2020 Apr;6(2):147-155


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