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Tal till professorerna på installationshögtiden i oktober 2016

Dear new professors at Karolinska Institutet.

It is with pleasure and pride that I turn to you today to express my warmest congratulations.

You have attained the highest academic position, here at Karolinska Institutet, that of professor.

With the position as professor follows responsibilities. Karolinska Institutet and the government, as well as the rest of the society, have high expectations on each and every one of you. Not least considering the significant investments being made in the life sciences and medical research in Sweden and around the world at a time when we are facing global health challenges of an unprecedented scale.

You are like newly lit lanterns with a mission to shine light onto previously un-investigated areas within a wide variety of scientific topics – from cell to society.

Your research work provides hope, not just for patients, but for the development of science in general and our university in particular.

You enable Karolinska Institutet to continue to expand its contribution to knowledge. Without you, we cannot achieve our vision of making a significant contribution to the improvement of human health.


Karolinska Institutet is now investing heavily to increase opportunities for both experimental and clinical research with the aim to contribute knowledge that will improve human health.

Advanced laboratories are being built on our campuses in Stockholm, and last week, we opened our first overseas research center, in Hong Kong.

We work closely with the healthcare sector.

We collaborate with the private sector.

And we engage in research networks and student exchanges around the world.

But the foundation for all of this is in the research group.

It is to the research group that we bring new questions and problems that arise in clinical care. It is in research groups new hypotheses are formulated and tested in order to generate new knowledge and understanding.

Let our academic environment be characterized by a broad repertoire of scientific problems, and provide open arenas for discussion. For this will also bring solutions.

With academic freedom comes a freedom of open discussion also raising ethical questions about what is right and what is not. Here, we must never compromise.

So ask the questions!

The most a challenging and complicated and those never before asked before! And go to the very bottom of them!

I feel confident that each of you, with your unique competence and experience, will increase our understanding and provide knowledge and solutions with value to patients and society at large.

I wish you all great happiness and success in your new role and expect you, as professors at Karolinska Institutet, to be good role models for students and more junior colleagues as well as to continue striving towards our overall goal of improving human health for the benefit of individuals and society at large.

I wish you all the very best of luck!

Karin Dahlman-Wright