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uMOVE - a core facility for biobehavioural and human movement sciences

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3D-motion analysis from Motoriklab - Astrid Lindgrens Barnsjukhus.

The uMOVE Core Facility has been granted funds from the Strategic Research Area Health Care Sciences (SFO-V) at KI during 2018 to 2020, with the goal to develop and establish a state-of-the-art platform for movement analysis for researchers, teachers, students and clinicians via multidisciplinary approaches.

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    Child and Adult wearing the free-living movement analysis system Actigraph

    About uMOVE

    uMOVE is a joint collaboration between the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS), the Department of Women's and Children's Health (KBH) and the Department of Clinical Neuroscience (CNS) at Karolinska Institutet, and the Allied Health Professionals Function and the Children & Women's Health Theme at the Karolinska University Hospital.

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      Assessing Pediatric Foot Deformities by Pedobarography

      Equipment and services

      The uMOVE core facility is able to perform basic and clinical research within health care sciences in a multidisciplinary way with different methodologies, both objective and subjective measures, from basic motion analysis (kinematics, kinetics and electromyography) to mobile and free living sensors (accelerometers, APDM system) as well as movement and behaviour in relation to cognitive and emotional factors.

      uMOVE also emphasizes the patient’s own experience and perception of movement, activity and interventions by patient reported outcome measures (PROM) and offers various forms of motion analysis in combination with cognitive and psychological measurement methods, which makes it possible to: diagnose anomalous movement patterns, evaluate the effect of treatment, and to identify biomarkers for disease or disease progression.

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        Measurement of physical activity in daily life

        Using the facility & prices

        uMove provides service to users in a transparent manner, e.g. on first come first served basis, employing a fee-for-service where we can offer service tailored to the needs of the specific projects and expertise in the research groups - from design of the project, data collection, analysis and interpretation to just renting the equipment and/or lab space.

        A first consultation is always free of charge. Please download and fill out the following Application Form and visit uMoves homepage for more information.

        Contact uMOVE

        Facility Manager

        David Conradsson

        Lektor, biträdande

        Scientific Director

        Erika Franzén


        Labtechnician in the Movement lab K/KI (KBH) 

        Research Assistant

        Anna Beling


        Steering committee

        Erika Franzén, Scientific Director

        Eva Broström, the Children & Women's Health Theme

        Ann-Christin Eliasson, KBH

        Åsa Dedering, the Allied Health Professionals Function

        Joanna Kvist, NVS

        Andreas Olsson, CNS

        Yvonne Wengström, adjungerad SFO-V


        Karolinska Institutet
        Institutionen för vårdvetenskap, neurobiologi och samhälle
        Sektionen för fysioterapi
        Alfred Nobels allé 23
        141 83 Huddinge