Inauguration & open house of the new movement lab within the core-facilility uMOVE!

To celebrate the inauguration of the new movement lab, an open house was arranged on March 13th for the core-facility uMOVE in Solna, which is run in collaboration between Karolinska University Hospital and KI, and which has received funding from the Strategic Research Area of Care Sciences (SFO-V).

Services offered by uMOVE

uMOVE - a leap forward

We are now looking forward to exciting research, rewarding courses and more targeted treatments with the help of our new core-facility uMOVE, says Erika Franzén, scientific director of uMOVE.

uMove Öppet hus
Erika Franzén hold presentation in the new movementlab in Solna

The open house began with an inauguration and presentation by uMOVE's Scientific Director Erika Franzén. Exercise is strongly linked to health and well-being where not only physical health but also with psychological factors such as cognition and emotion affect mobility. In order to increase our knowledge in how various diseases and conditions affect movement, access to and knowledge of the latest methods for movement analysis are needed.

uMove öppet hus
Demonstration av Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)

uMOVE - a topmodern platform for the investigation of human movement & behaviour

uMOVE offers support for the planning, data collection and analysis made with various modern motion analysis systems - from lab-based measurements to monitoring activities in daily life and the impact of cognitive functions and emotions for motion control. So far, there have been several different labs that have had access to motion analysis at Karolinska and KI, but as access to support has been deficient, it has been difficult to develop and subsequently offer these services to researchers and clinics in various fields.

Demonstration of the Biodex dynamometer

During the day, the motion analysis systems Gaitrite, APDM, Measurement of physical activity with accelerometers (Actigraph / ActivPAL) and fNIRS and Biodex dynamometer were demonstrated. With uMOVE, researchers, teachers, students and clinics are offered a state-of-the-art platform for investigating movement and behavior, and thus new opportunities for increased knowledge and new evaluation methods with the help of movement analysis in combination with cognitive and psychological measurement methods

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