CTMR and Covid-19

News regarding Lars Engstrand, CTMR and Covid-19.

Public Health Agency - "Antigen tests for staff a complement to other protective measures", April 6 2021

Article (in Swedish) from Folkhälsomyndigheten about a study for antigen tests that was conducted by the National Pandemic Center (NPC).

Ole Petter Ottersen, Lars Engstrand och Irene Svenonius på besök till Biomedicum
Ole Petter Ottersen, Lars Engstrand och Irene Svenonius på besök till Biomedicum Foto: Ulf Sirborn

Ole Petter Ottersen Blog Post - "In-depth collaboration with the Stockholm Region increasingly important", March 3rd 2021

Blog Post by Ole Petter Ottersen  (Principal of Karolinksa Institutet) that discusses the important work of Professor Lars Engstrand in the contribution to the COVID-19 pandemic and reduction in the spread of infection. Finance Region Councilor Irene Svenonius, together with Councilor for Care and Choice Tobias Nässén, visited KI and Biomedicum and met with Professor Lars Engstand.

KI: News - "Stockholm's regional council visited Karolinska Institutet", March 2nd 2021

Article (in Swedish) reporting on the meeting held between Rector Ole Petter Ottersen, Lars Engstrand, Irene Svenonius, Finance Regional Councilor, and Tobias Nässén, Accessibility and Freedom of Choice Regional Council (M) on February 26 2021. 

"Det är roligt att kunna visa upp den verksamhet vi har byggt upp under pandemin och få ett kvitto på att vi gör nytta i samhället samtidigt som forskningssamarbetet mellan regionen och KI gynnas"

Professor Lars Engstrand

Jessica Alm på Karolinska Institutets labb i Solna
Jessica Alm på Karolinska Institutets labb i Solna Foto: Hedda Berglund/Sveriges Radio

Swedish Radio - "On a mutation hunt in the laboratory", February 11th 2021

Interview in Swedish  with Jessica Alm about advanced sequencing work used to determine the different variants of the COVID-19 virus in Sweden. 

Scientist at CTMR performing RNA extraction
Scientist at CTMR performing DNA extraction Foto: Lars Engstrand

Dagens Medicin - "KI hopes to get green light for large-scale sequencing", February 11 2021

Article (in Swedish) Karolinska Institutet now wants to quickly start whole genome sequencing and look for new virus mutations on a large scale. An agreement with the Swedish Public Health Agency may be ready shortly. 

Ole Petter Ottersen Blog Post - "KI wishes to contribute to the hunt for mutated viruses", February 2nd 2021

Article (in Swedish) about the role of Karolinska sequencing SARS-CoV-2 samples. The article also mentions that more than 600,000 samples were analyzed in the Biomedicum laboratory at Karolinska Institutet. 

Lars Engstrand on TV4 Efter Fem
Lars Engstrand on TV4 Efter Fem Foto: N/A

TV4 After Five - "Sweden will cope with the pandemics of the future", February 1st 2021

Interview (in Swedish)  with Lars Engstrand. To cope with new pandemics in the future, Sweden needs to build up its own logistics to be able to both test and vaccinate people. That is the opinion of Björn Olsen, professor and chief physician of infectious diseases, and Lars Engstrand, professor of infection control.

Lars Engstrand on SVT Rapport
Lars Engstrand on SVT Rapport Foto: Henrik Norrsell

SVT Report - January 29th 2021

Interview (in Swedish)  (2:45 - 7:02) with Lars Engstrand and Jessica Alm of the National Pandemic Center. In this video, Lars Engstrand discusses the importance of sequencing the SARS-CoV-2 genome.

TV4 Nyheterna - "Here begins the hunt for the mutated virus - may already be in Sweden", December 21st 2020

Interview (in Swedish) with Lars Engstrand about sequencing genome to determine if the the mutated virus is in Sweden. An on-going investigation by the Swedish Public Health Agency and Sweden's university laboratories.

TV4 Malou after ten - "The professor about the testing:" Scary that half had no symptoms "", December 7th 2020

Interview (in Swedish) with Lars Engstrand

Dagens Medicin - "KI's pandemic center increases the pace - hopes for 80,000 tests per week", November 16th 2020

Interview in Dagens Medicin (in Swedish) with Lars Engstrand on how the Pandemic center aims to increase it's testing capacity in the following months.

Lars Engstrand interviewed on TV4
Lars Engstrand interviewed on TV4 Foto: TV4

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon - "Several regions have reached the maximum ceiling for sampling", November 12th 2020

Lars Engstrand interviewed (in Swedish) on the test capacity for Covid testing and influxes of samples.

Dagens Nyheter - "Professor:" All elderly staff should be tested - many have no symptoms at all "", November 5th 2020

Article in Swedish on Covid testing in nursing homes with a short interview with Lars Engstrand.

"Infection is increasing rapidly at Stockholm's nursing homes. At Stora Sköndal's nursing homes, three staff and three residents have tested positive for covid-19 this week - without any symptoms.

- This shows how important it is that all staff are tested regularly in nursing homes, says Helena Gille, senior care manager at Stora Sköndal. "

Friends of Panzi - "More corona tests from Sweden to the Peace Prize winner's hospital" September 21st 2020

Update in Swedish from Friends of Panzi Hospital in DR Congo who received Covid testing kits.

Video: Wallenberg Foundation COVID-19 Iniatives, October 22nd 2020

Video (in English) that features the COVID-19 high throughput PCR diagnostic pipeline through the National Pandemic Centre at Karolinska Institutet (1:43).

The Rector's Blog - "Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation with new major investment in basic research and life sciences", October 20th 2020

KI President Ole Petter Ottersen blogpost on covid testing passed 300,000 samples at CTMR.

It was also reported in Expressen .

Lars Engstrand on Malou efter tio on September 28th 2020
Lars Engstrand on Malou efter tio on September 28th 2020 Foto: TV4

Malou after ten - "Malou reveals a secret", September 28th 2020

Lars Engstrand and Matti Sällberg interviewed on TV4 show Malou efter tio about corona reasearch and testing.

In Swedish.

Marica Hamsten, lab manager
Marica Hamsten, lab manager Foto: Ålandstidningen

Ålandstidningen - "The Ålander who leads one of Sweden's largest corona labs", August 11th 2020

Article in Ålandstidningen (in Swedish) on CTMRs lab manager, Marica Hamsten

Jessica Alm, member of the National Pandemic Center
Jessica Alm, member of the National Pandemic Center Foto: Yasmin Jawad

Vasabladet - "Jessica Alm from Vaasa works at Sweden's largest corona lab:" I have been a proud Finn this spring "", August 1st 2020

Article in Vasabladet (in Swedish) on Jessica Alm, a member of the National Pandemic Center

"Fel att bara testa personer som har covid-symtom" DN Debatt

SvD - "Wallenbergs corona coup: built a lab without permission", May 20th 2020

Article in SvD (in Swedish) - "Multi-million support from Wallenberg and specially chartered aircraft. Here is the story of how a group of researchers, by acting first and asking for permission, later built a large-scale coronate lab in four weeks . "

SvD article May 23rd 2020 (in Swedish)

Provkit för självtestning packas vid SciLifeLab/KI CTMR laboratoriet.

GMS - "Covid-19 testing drives the development of national IT infrastructure", May 19th 2020

An article from GMS (Genomicmedicine.se, in Swedish) on the increased Covid-19 testing.


TV4 Nyhetsmorgon - "Will be able to do 50,000 tests a week - this is how the new lab in Solna works", May 13th 2020

Lars Engstrand interviewed on morning talk show Nyhetsmorgon (in Swedish) about the analysis lab and capacity at CTMR.

Lars Engstrand on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon on May 13th 2020

The World of Science SVT, May 11th 2020

Overview of the current Corona situation (in Swedish), interview and images from the CTMR lab from 17:50 - 20:16 discussing the analysis methods and testing.


NyTeknik - "The robots analyze 5000 corona tests per day", May 6th 2020

Article in NyTeknik about the new lab setup at CTMR (in Swedish).


"Coronation testing facility gets attention" - KI president's blog, May 3rd 2020

KI's president, Ole Petter Ottersen writes about the the Covid-19 analysis lab at CTMR.

Full blogpost  in Swedish.


"British Ambassador to Sweden visits KI to learn more about COVID-19 research", April 30th 2020

Read the article on KI's homepage (available in English and Swedish).

Lars Engstrand on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, April 29th 2020

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon - The expert: How to take a taxi corona safe, April 29th 2020

Lars Engstrand interviewed on TV4 program Nyhetsmorgon (in Swedish), answering questions about the coronavirus.

Lars Engstrand and Björn Olsen on Malou efter 10

Malou after ten - Here Malou does the test that shows immunity against covid-19, April 20th 2020

Lars Engstrand interviewed on TV4 show Malou after ten on test that shows immunity against covid-19.

In Swedish.


At the new Covid-19 lab at CTMR

"Scilifelab helps healthcare with corona samples - Ordered two SAS planes with equipment", April 17th 2020

Life Science Sweden article (in Swedish) on the new covid-19 analysis lab at CTMR.


Lars Engstrand Interviewed

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon: The Professor - The virus can mutate into a kinder variant, April 17th 2020

Lars Engstrand interviewed on TV4 morning news show about the corona virus testing in Sweden.

In Swedish.


Webinar on the Corona crisis in Sweden, April 16th

Link to the webinar (in Swedish)

"Siv Andersson, professor of molecular biology, and Lars Engstrand, professor of infection control, both affiliated with the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab), talk about the work of scaling up the diagnosis and analysis of covid-19. Anna Sandström, Director Science Policy and Relations Europe at AstraZeneca, provides perspectives from the Life Science industry. "

Martilda Ernkrans i miljöer på KI.

"COVID-19 on the agenda as Matilda Ernkrans visits SciLifeLab", April 8th 2020

"The Minister for Higher Education and Research in Sweden, Matilda Ernkrans, visited SciLifeLab and Karolinska Institutet for briefings on the ongoing initiatives to combat COVID-19, that could be so promptly set up due to the generous donation from Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. "

See full article in English on  SciLifeLab website , and KI president's blog in Swedish.


Leverans av analysmaterial.

Large delivery of test material to Sweden, April 2nd 2020

Sveriges Radio  and SVT talked to Lars Engstrand and Marica Hamsten (both in Swedish) about the delivery of testing material from China. SVT news includes a short video.



Leverans av analysmaterial.
Två personer packar upp leverans av analysmaterial.

Material enabling scale-up of COVID-19 analyzes has now arrived, April 2nd and 3rd 2020

"Karolinska Institutet has now received the test material that will allow scientists to perform 5,000 analyzes a day on patient samples. The lab will be ready next week thanks to the swift cooperation of KI researchers and Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation."

Read more here on KI's news site and here on SciLifeLab website.


Leverans av analysmaterial.

"Change corona strategy and isolate only vulnerable risk groups", March 27th 2020

Debate article from Dagens Nyheter by Lars Engstrand, Mathias Uhlen, Siv Andersson and Göran Sandberg.

In Swedish.


Large number of corona tests on the way from China, March 26th 2020

LIFe-time.se spoke with Lars Engstrand

In Swedish.

"After several alarms about a lack of tests for diagnosis of the new coronavirus, it is now possible to see a light in the tunnel. Already next week, such a large number of ready-made test kits will come to Sweden, that the need for healthcare in Stockholm will probably be covered. Thanks With a large donation from the Wallenberg Foundation, Karolinska Institutet has succeeded in placing a massive order from China. "


Collaboration increases opportunities for COVID-19 testing, March 24th 2020

"Through cooperation with a Chinese supplier, financial support from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and coordination with the healthcare sector, Karolinska Institutet (KI) is taking concrete steps to strengthen healthcare capacity in virus diagnostics.

“This is an important step in increasing capacity and ensuring quick and safe testing. In addition to our own staff, numerous individuals with relevant laboratory experience have volunteered to make this happen, ”says Lars Engstrand of CTMR"

Read more here  on KI's news site.