Kardiovaskulära forskningsnätverk

CVP, Cardiovascular program KI

Cardiovascular diseases arising from atherosclerosis constitute the major causes of morbidity and mortality in Sweden and are expected to be the largest group of lethal diseases globally. However, the atherosclerotic process and its complications remain enigmatic and the opportunities for prevention and therapy are limited. Against this background, we have established an internationally leading Center for Cardiovascular Disease integrating clinical, translational and basic research, education and cardiovascular care.

KiiM, the Karolinska Inflammation and Immunology network

KiiM, the Karolinska Inflammation and Immunology network, ties researchers in the field of immunology and inflammation at the Karolinska Institute and Karolinska University Hospital together. Our primary activity is to arrange a yearly network retreat, which serves to inspire researchers to find new collaborations within KI and to create a we-feeling among immunologists at KI and the Karolinska University Hospital.

KiiM, Karolinska Inflammation and Immunology Network

KIRCNET - KI Respiration and Circulation Network

The intention of KIRCNET is to act as a hub for cardiovascular and respiratory biology-related research and to give information and to highlight interesting news and events. The ambition of KIRCNET is to strengthen research within the area of circulation and respiration by stimulating collaboration between research groups and facilitating the relation between clinical and preclinical research areas.


Lilian Pagrot