Publikationer från UME

Publikationer från Enheten för medicinsk pedagogik (UME).

How do tutors intervene when conflicts on knowledge arise in tutorial groups?
Aarnio M, Lindblom-Ylänne S, Nieminen J, Pyörälä E
Adv Health Sci Educ Theory Pract 2014 Aug;19(3):329-45

Dealing with conflicts on knowledge in tutorial groups.
Aarnio M, Lindblom-Ylänne S, Nieminen J, Pyörälä E
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Motivating medical students to learn teamwork skills.
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Outcome based education enacted: teachers' tensions in balancing between student learning and bureaucracy.
Barman L, Silén C, Bolander Laksov K
Adv Health Sci Educ Theory Pract 2014 Dec;19(5):629-43

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Follow-up evaluation of Finnish undergraduate education in otorhinolaryngology.
Kentala E, Mattila P, Nieminen J
Med Educ 2005 Oct;39(10):1076

An interprofessional international Master’s programme in Medical Education - participants´ learning experiences of studying together (2015). Kvarnström, M. Uhlin, L. & Silén, C. Presentation at NIPNET Conference 2015






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