Stockholm Bone Academy - a new medical thematic center

Our vision is to become an internationally leading translational research and training center for bone related diseases.

We focus on osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, two major escalating health problems in our population. It is a translational research center linking internationally renowned researchers in Stockholm together focusing on the prevention and treatment of bone related diseases.

The center covers clinical activities, patient oriented research, epidemiology as well as basic scientific research applying cutting edge life science technologies. Expected results include the development of new high-quality, cost-efficient and safe prevention and treatment strategies, which will decrease the disease incidence and improve the quality of health care provided to the individual patient suffering from a bone related disease.

To promote younger scientists in their careers, a significant proportion of the efforts is focused on high-quality scientific training.

If you like to join Stockholm Bone Academy,
please mail: Prof. Lars Sävendahl (director) or Prof. Helen Hakansson (co-director)

Jennifer Frithiof