Autumn Greetings from Head of Department

Dear KBH faculty and co-worker

Now Summer has turned into Fall. The autumn colors are glowing and air and water temperatures are becoming crispy. Sauna, candle light and fires offers warmth during darker and cooler evenings. Although, some of our corridors, labs and offices are still far from crowded there is a buzzling and sparkling energy.

Meetings with research group leader

The department management began the fall with a follow up and to continue the implementation of our new KBH organisation. All research group leaders have been invited to individual meetings to enable them an active part in the process. Our desire is to find new synergies and to further strengthen and support our research and education. As part of this, we wish to affiliate clinical researchers to our department’s research groups and to optimize our well-functioning support organisation for it to assist our researchers and teachers suitably.

It has been incredibly inspiring to meet with all research group leaders and to get an update on the ongoing projects in the research groups, good news and visions for the future. Thank you for your hard work and for sharing so many good ideas. We will be sure to follow up on what you have shared with us with the heads of your divisions.

Strategic issues at KBH

The work on dimension and strategic recruitment is on the agenda at KI and KBH. We are also looking at how to help in providing a clearer career planning for young researchers. At KBH we are also looking at how we can contribute to KI’s strategy 2030. Models for efficient collaboration with Region Stockholm is always high on the management team’s agenda.

KI in the Media

Thanks to all coworkers who take time to contribute your knowledge and present research findings in public media. KBH has received several donations and research grants for the current Covid-19 related research. Visit our KBH website for more information. Please, also remember to update your websites. It matters how we are visible externally as well as internally.

New faculty and positions

On October 15th KI’s inauguration ceremony will be held and new professors will be introduced. We are happy to welcome Eva Broström, adjunct professor, Baldvin Jonsson, adjunct professor and Martin Widschwenter, visiting professor. This year, the ceremony will be filmed and livestreamed. Link will be available via


Thank you all at KBH for your engagement, flexibility, contributions and for adjusting so well to the special situation we are still facing. I specially want to recognize our teachers for the impressive digitalization and upgrading of the educational activities. We will carry the important learnings with us in our work ahead.

I wish you all a nice autumn. As we say in Swedish “Håll i, håll ut” and - Go out. Take the chance to enjoy nature. Maybe by a walk to work or back from work or during a lunch break.

Kristina Gemzell Danielsson

Head of Department