Min tid som fellow på Capio Artro Clinic/CIFU - 2012/2013

Carlos Palavacini from Costa Rica tells his story about his time in Sweden as fellow at CIFU/Capio Artro Clinic.


Carlos Palavicini från Costa Rica fick möjlighet att komma till Sverige, 2010/2011, med hjälp av Capio Artro Clinic/CIFU och Smith&Nephew fellowship. Här berättar han om sin tid i Sverige:

Once I complete my studies as an orthopaedic surgeon in Costa Rica, I gave myself the task to expand my knowledge in arthroscopy surgery outside my country by doing a fellowship. I wanted to learn more about the management of sports injuries and new surgical techniques. At the Karolinska Institutet webpage I found the possibility to do an arthroscopy fellowship in a high specialized center (Capio Artro Clinic and Stockholm Sports Trauma Research Center) in Stockholm with high prestige in Sweden and in the rest of the world, sponsored by Smith&Nephew.

I sent the application with a little hope and some fear, and after a few weeks of waiting I received the positive reply. The following days went very fast as I had to organize everything for my ten months leave.

I arrived to Sweden with very little knowledge about the country, its’ culture and also the clinic where I was going to work. At the same time I was also very excited about the opportunity. Once at the clinic my non-medical coordinator Anna Pappas and my medical coordinator Björn Engström made I feel very welcome and both supported me throughout the fellowship.

In academic terms I have to say that I was learning from the top arthroscopy surgeons in Sweden, in a center with all the equipment you need and an incredible volume of patients. Additionally to that, during this time I wrote a retrospective article on knee mosaicplasty under the supervision of my coordinator and two senior doctors. Later the article was accepted by ESSKA to be presented as a poster at their congress in Amsterdam.

I will like to end this report by thanking the sponsor of the fellowship, Smith&Nephew.
I also want to thank Capio Artro Clinic and Stockholm Sports Trauma Research Center for all the support and finally all the doctors for taking the time to share and teach me all their knowledge.