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Min tid som fellow på Capio Artro Clinic/CIFU - 2010/2011

Athanasios Liantsis

Athanasios Liantsis från Grekland var den tredje läkaren som fick möjlighet att komma till Sverige, 2010/2011, med hjälp av Capio Artro Clinic/CIFU och Smith&Nephew fellowship. Här skriver han själv om hur hans tid i Sverige har varit:

The Smith&Nephew fellowship came to my knowledge in 2009 while I was finishing my orthopedic specialty in University Hospital of Thessaly in Greece.

My interest in arthroscopy surgery was established during my short residency period in ATOS clinic in Heidelberg. As Capio Artro Clinic is one of the most momentous centers worldwide in the field of arthroscopy I didnt hesitate to apply twice in order to have this great opportunity.

The good news arrived one year later as I was finishing my residency. I was very enthusiastic about the fellowship but at the same time also concerned about the long time I would be separated from my family. It was a really hard decision to leave my wife during her training in Pediatric Intensive Care and my two little adorable daughters.

When I arrived in Stockholm in the beginning of December 2010, I was a bit sad but full of great expectations. The first day when I arrived at the clinic I felt comfortable and pleased thanks to the kindness and warmness of the staff. For me it was a tremendous honor to be a member of this team with great surgeons and dedicate researchers even though it was only for a short period. There was a high scientific level both in the educational activity and in their research program.

I had the opportunity to attend a wide variety of both arthroscopic and open surgeries, and to perform many of them by myself with the presence of a supervisor. I also followed all the procedures concerning patients with sports trauma, from the start until they reached full rehabilitation.

I was really amazed to see how surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists at the clinic supported each other and was working towards one goal: the well-being of the patient.

During this time I also worked with a research project concerning the long follow-up after meniscal repair from 1997 to 2010 and I was able to present our early results to the 3rd Stockholm Arthroscopy Conference 29-30 September 2011.

SSTRC and Capio Artro Clinic organized a lot of scientific conferences, meetings and courses in which I had the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with important guests and other colleagues.

All these different things helped me to have a nice time in Stockholm. As I hadnt visit Sweden before I had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the country and learn a lot about the Swedish history, their customs and of course meet a lot of interesting people.

I believe that Stockholm is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world and I also found the Swedish way of living really remarkable.

Im very grateful for the cooperation, the experience and the friendship that I was given both as a surgeon and as a person in Stockholm while I was working in Capio Artro Clinic.

Thanks to all of you!!!