Min tid som fellow på Capio Artro Clinic/CIFU - 2009/2010

Magaly Iñiguez from Chile was selected for the Capio Artro Clinic/CIFU and Smith&Nephew fellowship in 2009.

Magaly Iñiguez Cuadra från Chile var den andra läkaren som fick möjlighet att komma till Sverige, 2009/2010, med hjälp av Capio Artro Clinic/CIFU och Smith&Nephew fellowship. Här kan ni läsa om hur hennes tid i Sverige har varit, skrivet av henne själv:

I applied to this fellowship in 2009, when I was finishing my fellowship in arthroscopy in Chile. When I found out about this opportunity I didn´t hesitate to apply, because of the well-known position of the Scandinavian countries in sports medicine.

A few months later I received the good news of the selection procedure and it was a tremendous honor to accept this fellowship.

I left my home, friends and work in Chile with some sadness, but at the same time, I was very enthusiastic to find new professional experiences. When I arrived in Stockholm in December 2009, it was a very cold weather and a snowy landscape, but right from the beginning I could feel the kindness of the Swedish people.

From the first day in the center I felt the willingness and the amazingly warm welcome they gave me. I started to feel comfortable very quickly, thanks to the kindness of all my colleagues, nurses, physiotherapists, researchers, and people who work there. Day by day at every "fika" (coffee break), I met new people and colleagues who I shared both medical and not medical experiences with. They always showed interest in me and my well-being, and it was really nice to have their support from the first day.

My work was divided in two parts, where one part was in the clinic (about 70% of my time) and the other part (30%) I worked on my research projects. The Stockholm Sports Trauma Research Center (SSTRC) is located in the same building as the Capio Artro Clinic and is a part of the Karolinska Institutet.

The Capio Artro Clinic has approximately 50,000 patient visits per year, and about 4,200 surgical procedures (more than 600 ACL reconstructions per year). It is an outstanding and first line center, where orthopedic surgeons and the physiotherapy department works together with the patients and the focus is the full recovery of them.

In the clinic I had the opportunity to work with fantastic colleagues, who developed different areas of arthroscopic surgery and research. I could share experiences and knowledge, and of course, to learn many new things from them.

Every day I attended open surgery and/or arthroscopic surgery, mainly ligament reconstructions, meniscal procedures, shoulder, elbow, hip and ankle arthroscopy in sports trauma patients. Additionally, I got the great opportunity to do arthroscopic surgery by myself under the supervision of my tutors, who always helped and taught me with readiness.

I had some experience in different research projects before my year in Sweden, but at the SSTRC I could use almost 30% of my time on research in the sports trauma area. I produced two complete projects from the design until the final results and conclusions during my stay. These projects were focused on ACL reconstructions in athletes and a new clinical test for meniscal injuries.

The educational activity was quite dynamic at the center and at the clinic. I was able to share my knowledge and research with other people such as visitor's, orthopedic surgeons, researchers and students from other countries.

During my stay, the center organized scientific conferences, where important guests from the sports medicine and arthroscopy field were attending.

Besides working at Karolinska Institutet I had the opportunity to meet and share experiences with colleagues from the Astrid Lindgren's Children Hospital and I visited the Simulator center at Karolinska.

All these characteristics made the last year a very productive year.

I had a lot of excellent experience in Stockholm, both in my career and in my personal life. To be alone was a special experience, but it wasn't too bad after all, as I could put all my efforts in my research projects. In my free time I could meet new people and travel to different areas in Sweden. Travelling around the country allowed me to learn more about the people, the Swedish language and customs of the country.

I had the fantastic experience of natural phenomenon like Northern lights in the North Pole during the winter and the midnight sun up in the north during the summer.

In relation to my career, I participated in the European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA) congress in Oslo. I shared experiences with doctors from all the Scandinavian countries, the rest of Europe, as well as with people from Asia and America.

At the end of my fellowship I had the opportunity to show preliminary data of my projects in a European conference in Sports medicine, and this year we will present our research results at the International Congress of our specialty (ISAKOS). Now I still work on this, and the aim is to publish the results in an international journal.

Finally, I would like to say that the experience of coming here was fantastic, plenty of opportunities and learning about medicine issues and life.

I'm very grateful for all the cooperation and friendship I was given during my stay in Stockholm. Thanks for the support during the difficult moments, like the big earthquake in my country. I will always remember Sweden and I'm sure I'll be back for a visit.

Now I'm in Chile, working at the Universisdad Católica Hospital, developing new projects in sports medicine and arthroscopy. I'm very happy living at home again, but I'm missing my friends, the great experiences and the fantastic year in Sweden.

Tack kära vänner! Vi ses snart!

Magaly Iñiguez, MD