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Min tid som fellow på Capio Artro Clinic/CIFU 2008/2009

Fellow Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta från Indien var den första läkaren som fick möjlighet att komma till Sverige, 2008/2009, med hjälp av Capio Artro Clinic/CIFU och Smith&Nephew fellowship. Här kan ni läsa om hur hans tid i Sverige har varit, skrivet av honom själv:

Last summer, just after finishing my Orthopaedic training, I was offered the fellowship at Capio Artro Clinic. I was overjoyed because I had always wanted to learn Arthroscopy and this was a wonderful opportunity. Anna, the fellowship administrator, helped me with VISA and other papers over the next couple of months. I finally landed to a warm welcome at Arlanda in early November 2008.

The first few weeks went in understanding the clinical work and getting started with research. When I look back, I realise how seamless this process was made by the gentle and caring guidance of my teachers at the clinic.

Weeks and months flew fast and I learnt a great deal about different knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow and hip problems being treated at the clinic. I got the opportunity, to assist a wide variety of arthroscopic and open surgeries in sports trauma patients and also to perform some surgeries under supervision. Since every consultant had his/her own little variation in technique, I got a fairly broad exposure. Their exceptionally friendly attitude always made me feel at home in the operating rooms. The clinic also conducts several meetings, workshops and courses throughout the year. I was free to attend these and gained a lot of knowledge.

The clinic has a group of dedicated researchers led by Prof Werner and excellent facilities for research. There is a large and well organised database of patients with a superb IT and networking infrastructure - thanks to the IT specialist and CEO of Capio Artro Clinic, Dr Forssblad. Moreover, my guide Dr Engstrom, was always available for help at the next desk. In fact, it was only because of his constant encouragement and support that I could finish a scientific article for publication.

What particularly impressed me at the Artro Clinic was the scientific approach of the whole team. Right from the first consultation to the end of rehabilitation, every part of patient care was organised in definite evidence based protocols. The surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists and administrative staff were well trained in their roles and everyone had a desire to put in his/her very best. But once outside the clinic, this team of dedicated professionals converted into a group of fun loving party animals. I shall never forget the fun we had on so many such occasions.

Since my wife Deepti was with me on this trip, we did some sightseeing around Stockholm. It is a modern, environment friendly city with several historical places and beautiful waterfronts. The archipelago just outside the city is simply spectacular. People are generally kind and helping. We couldn´t speak Swedish but language was never an issue because almost every Swede speaks good English. There are stores where we found every item of daily use, even Indian food, much to our surprise. We also found some good restaurants in the city. The only flip side of our stay was the inability to find work for my wife.

We came back home with beautiful memories and loving friends. From my seniors at the clinic I have learned not just the technique of Arthroscopy but also the attitude and thought process of a good surgeon. I am sure this will go a long way in shaping the treatment of my patients in India. Above all, there will always be a Little Sweden in my heart. I am grateful to the Capio Artro Clinic/CIFU and Smith & Nephew for giving me this opportunity.

/ by Gaurav Gupta