8th Stockholm Arthroscopy Conference

Welcome to our 8th Stockholm Arthroscopy & Sports Conference in Stockholm, 14-15 October 2021.
We invite you for an update on knee & shoulder injuries and much more.

We have taken a definitive decision to hold the Conference in an online-only format. We are sorry for any possible inconvenience related with this decision. The conference will be held for free.
No registration is required.

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Featured international speakers and the two-day program.

(No presentations will be available after the conference)

Thursday 14th October (Ejnarsalen) 

Follow live - Livestream link  (only for Thursday)

SHOULDER – AC-joint 9.00-10.15

AC-joint repair. An overview – Anders Ekelund
AC-joint instability – randomized study – Helena Boström Windhamre
My way to reconstruct the AC-joint – Zoltan Földhazy

Coffee Break 10.15-10.30

SHOULDER – Cuff Rupture 10.30-12.00

Shoulder – My Cuff Repair procedure – Matt Ravenscroft, UK
Shoulder Irrepairable Cuff tears – Matt Ravenscroft, UK
Shoulder Cuff Rehab – Maria Werin
11.55-12.00 Arthrex

Lunch Break 12.00-13.00

SHOULDER – Instability & Biceps tenodesis 13.00-14.30

Shoulder multidirectional instability – Matt Ravenscroft, UK
Some tricks&tips in shoulder arthroscopy – Zoltan Földhazy
Rehab of the high-performance athlete’s shoulder problem – Ewa Heidvall
14.25-14.30 Arthrex

Coffee Break 14.30-14.45

FIFA 14.45-16.15

FIFA football medicine – an update – Magnus Forssblad
UEFA injury report – Markus Waldén
10 year follow up of ACL injuries in Football players – Alexander Sandon
Football medicine – Physio aspect during the Championships - Annica Näsmark

Friday 15th October (Ejnarsalen)

Follow live - Livestream link (only for Friday)

KNEE – Meniscus repair 8.30-10.00

Fix the meniscus at all costs: root, radial and ramp tears – Robert LaPrade, Minnesota, USA
Does it matter how we stress a repaired meniscus? – Erik Rönnblad
Free rehabilitation is safe after isolated meniscus repair – Martin Lind, Denmark
09.55-10.00 Össur

KNEE – Cartilage 10.00-10.30

Restoration and preservation of the damaged joint – Mats Brittberg

Coffee Break 10.30-10.45

KNEE – ACL 10.45-12.15

Posterolateral and Posteromedial Knee Injuries with Cruciates -They see you, but Do You See Them? – Robert LaPrade, Minnesota, USA
Risk Factors for Abnormal Knee Laxity After Primary ACL Reconstruction – Riccardo Cristiani
Do We Need Extra-Articular Reconstructive Surgery? Biomechanics of the Anterolateral Structures of the Knee. – Eivind Inderhaug, Norway
12.10-12.15 Smith&Nephew

Lunch Break 12.15-13.15

KNEE – ACL 13.15-14.45

Graft choice throughout the years – Scandinavian X-base view – Magnus Forssblad

Timing of ACL surgery – Christoffer von Essen (Please answer a question before this lecture at https://www.menti.com/jmdrozh47b )

Is Quadriceps tendon a better graft choice than Patellar tendon and/or Hamstringsgraft? – Martin Lind, Denmark
Patellar tendon graft or Hamstringsgraft? Pro and Cons – Karl Eriksson
14.40-14.45 Smith&Nephew

Coffee Break 14.45-15.00

Knee Dislocation – The Multiligament Injured Knee - Lars Engebretsen, Oslo, Norway
15.25-15.30 Össur

KNEE – Pedriatric Sports Trauma 15.30-17.00
The treatment of Patellar instability – My opinion – Martin Lind, Denmark
The treatment of ACL injuries in children – Lars Engebretsen, Oslo, Norway
ACL reconstruction- Long term outcome after two different postop managements – Frida Hansson

End of Conference

(Please note that session presentations will take place at local time in Sweden)

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The conference is ISAKOS approved.


Anna Pappas