The electron microscopy unit EMil

The electron microscopy unit (EMil) is situated at Huddinge University hospital. Our aims are to help researchers to solve biological problems by using electron microscopy techniques.

We have experience in conventional preparation for TEM and SEM, preparation for immunohistochemistry, morphometric analysis, low temperature techniques such as low temperature embedding, high pressure freezing and cryosectioning (Tokuyasu method). The unit has two TEM (Tecnai 10 and Leo 906) with side-mounted CCD-cameras and one high resolution SEM (Ultra 55). We perform embedding, sectioning, immunolabelling, freezing, low temperature embedding and microscopy. We also perform conventional preparation for SEM and immunoSEM preparation.

We have a fixed pricelist.


Senior researcher

Kjell Hultenby

Phone: +46-(0)585-838 18
Organizational unit: Clinical research center

Core facility