Electron Microscopy Core Facility (EMil) - user guidelines

Our core facility routinely performs embedding, sectioning, immunolabelling, low temperature embedding and microscopy. Our aim is to help researchers to solve biological questions using various electron microscopy techniques at highest international level.

New users

Contact us to set up an initial meeting to discuss your project. During this meeting, a project plan will be decided upon. Send an email to emil@labmed.ki.se.

Registration in ILab

The first step to get access to the core facility's services is to apply for an account in the iLab booking system. This system will be used for all bookings and service requests.

Access our services

Only registered users can have access to the facility. Registration is to be completed on the EMiL Core Facility's iLab site and must be approved by the PI of the user. The PI provides each user with a project number to facilitate monthly payment via iLab.

All our services can be booked through ILab. We will guide you towards our services that best help you forward in your project and support you through the whole process. If you prefer to do the imaging yourself and use our microscopes, you will need an introduction/training. Please contact us regarding this introduction/training session, which usually takes approximately two hours.