Several images showing the SMMS core facility.

Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry Core Facility (KI-SMMS)

Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry Core Facility (KI-SMMS) can assist with expert knowledge in metabolism, experimental design, and data analysis. Whether you need to perform metabolomics, lipidomics, targeted fluxomics or other types of LC-MS based experiments, we can customize our methods to your research goals and questions. Let us enhance your research with the power of targeted mass spectrometry.

Decorative image of sunrise or sunset and the Biomedicum facade along Solnavägen.

Facts about our core facility

Location: Biomedicum, Quarter A07, floor 7, Solnavägen 9, Solna

Manager: Antonio Checa

Director: Craig Wheelock

Key words: Metabolomics, Lipidomics, Mass spectrometry, Targeted Flux analysis, Oxylipins, Sphingolipids

Department: Institute of Environmental Medicine