X-ray Irradiation Core Facility - nodes ANA Futura & Biomedicum

The X-ray Irradiation Core Facility includes nodes in ANA Futura and Biomedicum, both equipped with an Xstrahl CIX2 X-ray machine for irradiation of biological material. The primary use is to irradiate cultured cells suspended in cell culture medium in 15 ml and/or 50 ml centrifugation tubes or growing in tissue culture vessels as a mono-layer in sizes up to 175 square-centimeter cell culture bottles or different type of multiwell plates, i.e. 6-well up to 384-well plates.

Photo of X-ray equipment, core facility X-ray, Campus Flemingsberg, ANA Futura. Photo: Lars Frelin

Facts about our core facilities

Locations: Campus Flemingsberg and Campus Solna.

Director: Lars Frelin

Key words: X-ray Irradiation, irradiation of biological material

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