X-ray Irradiation Core Facility (nodes ANA Futura & Biomedicum) - user guidelines

The core facility is open for researchers at KI as well as for external users.

Prior to access

Before accessing any of the core facilities and prior to start using the X-ray irradiators, all users will have to have completed an introduction to radiation protection course/session, as well as a web-based course focusing on the Xstrahl X-ray irradiators (mandatory). 

In addition, users will need to attend an onsite introduction to the irradiators.

The introduction to radiation protection course/session must have been completed no longer than five years ago. You will need to provide a certificate for access when contacting the experts.

Please note that if your certificate is older than five years, or if you have not participated in an equivalent course previously, you will need to register to the course once again. See further details for course registration.

If you have attended an equivalent course, you will need to provide a certificate and sign up for an onsite introduction before getting access to the X-ray irradiators.

Course registration

The courses "Introduction to radiation protection" and "X-ray irradiator XStrahl CIX2/CIX3" are offered online through the Nano Learning platform via the page Radiation Safety on the Staff Portal.

To register for the Onsite Introduction, send an email to Adamantia Fragkopoulou (adamantia.fragkopoulou@ki.se) and a training request through iLab.

Booking and fees

Registration, course/service requests and equipment reservation for KI X-ray irradiators are to be addressed via iLab, where all fees are specified and invoiced (within iLab).

You need to create a personal account in iLab before you can book our equipment.

If you encounter any problems with the bookings, please contact

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Adamantia Fragkopoulou

Expert user support for X-ray Irradiation Core Facilities