ABCF - user guidelines

The Animal Behavior Core facility is open to all researchers who have access to KM-B and PKL.

ABCF users must have gained access to the animal facility (KM-B or PKL) and hold ethical permit for the experiments they intend to run. Users also need to have an iLab account with valid payment information.

Access to KM-B

To access KM-B, please contact KM-A and B administration to book an introduction.

Tick@Lab animal database

Before you can start research in KM-B involving animal experiments, you have to be added to Tick@Lab.

For further information please contact

Ethics license and application

You need a valid ethics license to perform animal experiments.

Booking of lab space

You can book lab space and equipment (KM-B and PKL) at

Behavioral Rooms for mice KM-B, level M7

Room numbers and equipment

  • M7221: Morris Water Maze and Flex video tracking experiments
  • M7222: Locomotor/LD Boxes and new PPI system
  • M7321: PPI andnew scantainers
  • M7322: Running Wheels
  • M7231: Animal Room #4
  • M7332: Scantainers
  • M7333: TreadMill
  • Cleaning room
  • M7121: Video Tracking Expermiments
  • M7122: Preparation and Control room
  • M7123: Video Tracking Experiments and CatWalk
  • M7131: Multi Conditioning System
  • M7132: Multi-Touch Screen Chamber

Refer to the map for room numbers and equipment when booking in Node KM-B.

Map over behavioral Rooms for mice KM-B, level M7
Behavioral Rooms for mice KM-B, level M7: Image 1 from top to bottom and left to right: M7322, M7333, M7332, M7321, M7222, M7221, Cleaning room and M7231 (Animal Room #4). Image 2 from left to right: M7121, M7122, M7123, M7131 and M7132.