KIGene Core Facility - user guidelines

We provide several genetic and spatial biology applications at flexible service levels to enable the best solution for each user. KIGene is open for academic and non-academic users from Sweden and abroad.

Access of equipment

To be granted access to any of our platforms, the user must complete an introduction course provided by core staff.

Request services and equipment bookings

For Spatial Biology requests, contact

Other service requests and booking of equipment are managed within iLab.

Sample delivery

For sample delivery of Sanger DNA sequencing and fragment length analysis (FLA) see Sample delivery/Drop box locations.

For other projects, contact our genetics or spatial biology nodes.

Turn-around time for Sanger DNA sequencing and fragment length analysis

  • 10:00 AM: sample-to-result within the same day
  • 13:00 PM: pre-made sample-to-result within the same day

In rare cases delays may occur if we experience unusually heavy loads or equipment failure. We always reload failed sequence reactions without charge in case we assess that they might improve in a second analysis.

Contact us for other projects.

Storage of samples and data

Each user is responsible for the long-term storage of data created by the core facility.

Project files from our genetic services are stored for three years. DNA samples and primers are stored for one month and RNA’s for three months after finalized projects.


Principally, all projects and individual samples are processed in incoming order. The Core facility gives priority only for exceptional cases, not based on what group the project originates from. In the event of a backlog, KI users always have priority.


We provide strictly "fee-for-service" and do not require co-authorship.

How to acknowledge us

The assistance by KIGene should be acknowledged in any publication that includes substantial amounts of data produced by the core facility.

The following sentence should be included in the Acknowledgements of the publication:

[Application] using the [platform] was performed by the KIGene core facility at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. (”.

Ethical consent

It is the sole responsibility of the principal investigator of the project to ensure that appropriate ethical approval, if required, has been obtained from an appropriate Ethics committee prior to the start of the project.

Personal data

Nucleic acid samples, cell suspensions or other biological material originating from a living person may give rise to genetic data that are considered sensitive personal data under the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The user of the project is responsible for notifying KIGene core facility if any samples in the project will give rise to sensitive personal data as a result of KIGene core facility services. This is done upon registration of the order. Before submission, sample identifiers must be fully pseudonymized so that the identities of the individuals from whom submitted samples originate are unknown to KIGene core facility and impossible to recover without the use of additional information