User guidelines for our core facility

On this page you can present guidelines for your using your core facility, for example safety regulations, required documentation, information about IP rights and alike. Important key words and sought-after information should be presented at the top of the page, as always.

Remember that many visitors find information about your core facility by using Google or alike. This means that the current page may be the first time the visitor learn about the services you provide. You need to adapt your information accordingly. Write the full name of your facility in the start of the page, include your email address again etc. 

Present the information in the same way as on the page about your offer. Start with two or three short paragraphs, and then continue by using two or three subtitles in the format linked H2, as well as bullet point lists. For example:

Documentation prior to using our core facility

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Safety guidelines

If you have any specific safety guidelines or mandatory courses before using your facility, this is where you present it. You may also, for example, link to other pages on about laboratory safety or alike.

Find our more about laboratory safety at Karolinska Institutet

Special instructions for a certain group of clients

This page is also where you present special guidelines that, for example, applies to commercial enterprises and alike. Lorem Ipsum, lorem Ipsum, lorem Ipsum, lorem Ipsum, lorem Ipsum, lorem Ipsum, lorem Ipsum.

Do you have further questions?

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