BFC - Flow Cytometry Sorting

Flow Cytometry Sorting involves using a flow cytometer with cell sorting capability to interrogate cells stained with fluorescent markers, classifying them into groups, and then physically separate the groups into test tubes or multi-well plates.

At BFC, the access to our cell sorters can be done either as as a self-user or operated assisted sort:

Workflow sorting for different kinds of users/clients (assisted or self-user sorting).
Biomedicum Flow Cytometry Core Facility, workflow sorting. Photo: BFC

Assisted sort

Staff members of the facility can sort samples for non-trained users or for users requiring it. Please, refer to iLab and create a Work Request under the Request Services tab. Once accepted, we can arrange a pre-sort meeting to discuss matters of the sort. The next step will be for you or our staff to book a timeslot in the instrument´s calendar at your convenience.

Self-user sort

If your project requires the recurrent usage of the sorters, a training course can be requested. In order to obtain a driver´s license in our cell sorters, there are two options: 

  • Demonstrating previous experience on a particular Aria sorter. 
  • By getting trained in the facility

Request a spot

In order to request a spot in our Aria Sorting training courses:

  1. Create a Training Request on iLab (Request Services > Introduction and training request: Sorters). 
  2. The training consists of 5 h theory and 6 h hands-on training, where you are trained on different aspects of using the instrument.. 
  3. After these training sessions, each user will arrange 3 (or more) sessions of individual practice, to gain independence and feel confident to take the Driver´s License Test, 
  4. The Driver´s License Test will enable users to have complete flexibility and access to self-operated and out-of-hours sorts.
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