Biofab Core Facility - user guidelines

The Biofabrication and Tissue Engineering Core Facility (Biofab) offers a diverse range of Micro and Nanostructuring techniques for cell-based applications in the fields of life-science and medicine.

New users

If you intend to use the Biofab facility, special cleanroom and nanofabrication experience is required.

You need to contact the head of Biofab to arrange a meeting and discuss your experience and the project.

For the projects which are outsourced to Biofab for implementation, no access is needed. The Bioprinting platform does not require any prior nanofabrication experience since it is outside the cleanroom environment and the introduction to the trainees can be provided on-site by the tool responsible

Prior to access

Send an email to the Biofab team to evaluate your project and possibilities.

Safety guidelines

Safety guidelines will be provided by Biofab if access is necessary.

Booking system

Biofab uses iLab as an administrative tool for scheduling equipment, reserving slots, requesting consultations and creating invoices.

Please contact us if you need further information on any matter regarding your access to the premises or as a user within our facility.

User fees

In-house tool equipment

2,000 SEK/hour

Facility support

2,000 SEK/hour (additional), or on collaborative bases.

Off-campus tools

For off-campus tools, prices are calculated based on each project.