Our offer – digital profiling of core facilities

This page is probably the most important page for the prospective user of the core facility. It needs to contain a clear description of what your facility can offer the client. Important key words and sought-after information should be presented at the top of the page.

Portrait of Patricia when working in lab environment.
Use one (1) decorative and professional photo to illustrate the offer of your core facility. Photo: Selma Wolofsky/NVS

After the brief start (above), write two or three short paragraphs about what kind of techniques, equipment and/or services your facility provide. It is important that the information is easy to understand at a quick glance for a visitor browsing the KI website in search of the right core facility. 

Then, continue presenting your offer by using two or three subtitles in the format linked H2. Use bullet points to present specific equipment, methods, services or alike. Avoid confusing the visitor with illustrations that doesn’t provide any extra information. View the example below and adapt it to your own facility.

Example text: The Digital Profiling Core Facility (DPCF) provide very useful services, using state of the art technology within the very complex biomedical research area. The DPCF offers solutions at all stages of your research project, from the designing of experiments to test runs and data delivery. It is also possible to rent our equipment on site. 

Technology and other available resources

The DPCF has recently redesigned our laboratory in Aula Medica and can offer you several super cool tools and technologies:

  • Super Cool One
  • Super Cool Two
  • Super Cool Premium Plus
  • And some more stuff

Experimental design support

Unsure about how to design your experiments and/or interpret the data you receive? Let our professional and experienced staff researchers help you – at a reasonable fee and with no demands of co-authorship. We can for example help you with:

  • Experiments ABC
  • State of the art analysing XYZ
  • The full experimental design support package – from A to Z
  • Moral support in moments of despair

Do it your self – in our facility

It is possible to rent some of our cool equipment and tools to run experiments on your own. Minimum rental period is half a day, but most research projects sign up for regular use 4-8 hour at the time during longer periods. Depending on your prior knowledge, we will design brief instructions or a full educational package to fit your needs.

Fees, booking and invoicing

We have a set pricelist for renting our different cool equipment. KI researchers will get XX percent discount. Commercial enterprises need to pay VAT. View price examples below. For full price list, please contact us on facilityemail@ki.se.

  • Do it your self – start-up cost (4 hours) for any of the Super Cool: SEK 50 000
  • Do it your self – cost per hour after start-up period for any of the Super Cool: SEK 5000
  • Two weeks full package to have a staff researcher run many tests on one of the Super Cool, including experiment design and data delivery: SEK 250 000
  • Two days course in how to use our cool equipment: SEK 7000

To book the equipment and services of our core facility you need to login to our booking system, iLab. Researchers affiliated to Karolinska Institutet should preferably use their digital KI ID to create an account in iLab. It is also possible to use a so-called SWAM ID via another Swedish university or to register a separat personal account. Invoicing is managed via the booking system. 

More information about documentation, user guidelines and facility safety

Let us make you an offer

Not sure what you want, how to do it or how much it will cost? Please contact us on facilityemail@ki.se, shedule a meeting and/or visit our homepage in the KI facility booking system iLab.