KIRI activities

KIRI, the KI Research Incubator, organises a number of different events and activities every year. Below you can find recent and upcoming activities within the KIRI network.

October 2023

Deadline for KIRI joint postdoc grant application.

September 2023

KIRI joint postdoc grant application opened.

The call is open for KIRI fellows

August & September 2023

Two mingles for scientific exchange and interaction were held for KIRI fellows in the Faculty Club, Biomedicum.

KIRI scientific mingles, August & September 2023. Photo: Maissa Al-Adhami.

May 2023

KIRI Annual Meeting took place in Biomedicum on May 26th 2023 where the new KIRI Fellows had the chance to present themselves and their research. There was also a session with members of Research Support Office at KI and a debate session where a panel of representatives from different sectors discussed about the collaboration landscape at KI.

KIRI Annual Meeting May 26th 2023
KIRI Annual Meeting in Biomedicum, 26 May 2023.

April 2023

16 new KIRI Fellows have been recruited. Warm welcome to our network!

December 2022

Ole Petter Ottersen participated in a scientific meeting within the KIRI. Photo: Marcela Franco.

A scientific meeting within the KIRI network took place at the Faculty Club at Biomedicum, where the newly granted collaborative projects were introduced. KIRI Fellows discussed their plans and explained the nature of their interdisciplinary collaboration.

KI President, Ole Petter Ottersen, participated in the event and shared his vision on ground breaking research and the importance of KIRI, and discussed how to strengthen research with the KIRI Fellows.

October 2022

KIRI postdoc joint grants with multidisciplinary focus were distributed. 11 projects were awarded, where a joint postdoc will work for 2 years under the co-supervision of two KIRI Fellows. Read more here

List of the awarded projects:

  • Circular RNAs– a key component in human brain development and disorders (Kristiina Tammimies, KBH, and Katja Petzold, MBB)
  • Connecting biological scales – atomic-level interpretation of genetic variants in rare diseases (Laura Orellana, OnkPat, and Giedre Grigelioniene, MMK)
  • Immune-mediated mechanisms of impaired epithelial regeneration:  Modeling such interactions in a dish (Eduardo Villablanca, MedS, and Pekka Katajisto, CMB)
  • Developing cell-type specific nanoparticles to prevent fetal programming by dysfunctional placenta (Deng Qiaolin, FyFa, and Georgios Sotiriou, MTC)
  • Revealing the mechanisms of lipid storage diseases by combining multi-omics and biophysics (Erdinc Sezgin, KBH, and Claudia Kutter, MTC)
  • Single-cell multiomics in one-pot reactions (Björn Reinius, MBB, and Marcus Buggert, MedH)
  • Investigations of brain signal variability and rapid plasticity during approach-avoidance of fear: experiments of humans and zebrafish (Kristoffer Månsson, CNS, and Konstantinos Ampatzis, Neuro)
  • A human-mouse chimeric brain model to study the role of genetics in traumatic brain injury outcome (Elham Rostami, Neuro, and Carl Sellgren, FyFa)
  • Neuroprotective effects of Statins in Alzheimer’s disease: An Interdisciplinary Study combining Neuroimaging, Biochemistry and Epidemiology (Joanna Pereira, NVS, and Sara Garcia-Ptacek, NVS)           
  • Development of microsampling devices for immunomonitoring and miniaturized diagnostic tests (Onur Parlak, MedS, and Petter Brodin, KBH
  • The crosstalk of innate and adaptive immunity in cancer - Dissecting the role of SAMHD1 in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (Hanna Brauner, MedS, and Nikolas Herold, KBH)
Science mingle 2022 KIRI
KIRI scientific mingle 2022. Photo: Konstantinos Meletis.

September 2022

Deadline for application for the collaborative KIRI postdoc grants with multidisciplinary focus.

August and May 2022

Two KIRI Scientific Mingles were held at Biomedicum to promote scientific exchange and interaction among KIRI Fellows.

Science mingle in August 2022.
KIRI scientific mingle 2022. Photo: Marcela Franco.

April 2022

KIRI kick-off meeting was held at Elite Hotel Carolina Tower, where KIRI network was formally launched.

KIRI Fellows had the opportunity to exchange ideas and participate in the planning of future activities.

February 2022

KIRI network is established. KIRI Fellows are expected to interact and collaborate in multidisciplinary projects, apply for collaborative postdoc grants with multidisciplinary focus and participate in the planning and organising of KIRI activities. The assignment lasts 4 years.

KI News: KI Research Incubator is now launched!


Maissa Al-Adhami

Coordinator, KI Research Incubator (KIRI)