CBCS - our offer

CBCS offers an extensive portfolio of services, from computational and organic chemistry to phenotypic small molecule screens in cells and model organisms, cell painting and functional precision medicine. CBCS also provides open access to screening and cell culture labs, including a range of instruments as well as fully equipped chemistry labs.

The most common project types carried out by CBCS and research groups in collaboration involve assay development and subsequent small molecule screening. Also, follow-up work after a high-throughput screen with medicinal- or synthetic chemistry support can be carried out by or in collaboration with CBCS.


We offer a range of new services complementing the biological and chemical support we have provided to the research community within the chemical biology field for more than a decade.

Assay Development

Our highly experienced Assay Development team works with a broad range of bioassay formats, with extensive knowledge in the intricate process of adapting novel bioassays from low-throughput to microtiter-based high-throughput formats. We are equipped with multiple (liquid handling) workstations and readout systems to accommodate a broad range of screening technologies and sizes. Our screens range from isolated biochemical targets to advanced primary cellular systems, phenotypic and high-content screens, plant biology, and whole-organism screening in infectious diseases and cancer.

Assay development and screening in BLS-3

The BSL3 Biomedicum Core Facility is a fully equipped facility performing a wide range of research activities with any pathogens that require a biosafety level 3 laboratory. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as liquid-handling robotics, plate reader, and flow cytometry and expertise staff specialized in high-throughput screening.

Synthetic Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Access to synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry is a central component of chemical biology and critical for further developing primary screening hits. Our chemistry teams consist of highly experienced, senior synthetic chemists and computational chemists with a background in academia and the pharmaceutical industry, providing each project with unique insight into the molecular basis of the system being studied.

Open access

  • Stand-alone equipment
    • Bravo (Agilent) automated liquid handler/pipetting robot
    • Victor3 1420 (Perkin Elmer) multilabel microplate plate reader
    • Multidrop 384 (Thermo Scientific) reagent dispenser
  • Screening Hub
    • FLIPR Tetra (Molecular Devices) high-throughput cellular screening system
    • Multidrop Combi (Thermo Scientific) reagent dispenser
    • Aquamax 4000 (Molecular Devices) plate washer
    • Cytomat 2 (Thermo Scientific) automated CO2 incubator
    • Envision 2104 (Perkin Elmer) multilabel microplate reader
    • PreciseFlex 400 (Brooks Automation) robotic sample handler
  • Cell Culture Lab
    • Apricot S3 (SPT Labtech) automated liquid handler/pipetting robot
    • Multidrop Combi (Thermo Scientific) reagent dispenser
    • Two laminar flow hoods
    • Two CO2 incubators
  • Chemistry Lab
    • Chemistry fumehoods in a fully equipped organic chemistry lab, with a chemical store containing more than 12 000 reagents
    • Access to modern instruments including NMR spectrometer, LCMS and preparative HPLC systems, microwave reactor and more via the Drug Discovery and Development Platform (DDD)