Call for KIRI-Fellow postdoc project grants with an interdisciplinary focus

Karolinska Institutet announces grants for recruiting postdocs with an interdisciplinary focus.


To fulfil Karolinska Institutet’s (KI) ambition in KI Strategy 2030 to further develop KI as a groundbreaking university, the Committee for Research (KF) established the KI Research Incubator (KIRI). The aim of KIRI is to create a dynamic environment for early career researchers that promotes creative and innovative research projects of a multidisciplinary nature in the fields of medicine and health sciences. KIRI is funded through Karolinska Institutet’s operational planning budget (VP-medel). KF now makes postdoc funding available for joint projects among the KIRI Fellows. 

Purpose and description of the call

The purpose of the call is to support groundbreaking interdisciplinary research based on the collaboration between KIRI Fellows. Each collaborative project must include two or more KIRI Fellows.  The grant will fund the salary for a postdoctoral fellow for two years.

The project must be interdisciplinary and include a clear description of how it requires the integration of competencies, techniques, and methods from two or more KIRI Fellows in a joint project. 


Only KI researchers who are members of KI Research Incubator (KIRI Fellows) are eligible to apply. Each fellow can participate in only one application.

Size and administration of the grant

The grant amount is 850 000 SEK (flat rate)/year for two years (1 700 000 SEK in total). The grant is intended for salary-related costs (incl. overhead) for the postdoc fellow. 

The applicants will select one of their respective host-departments as the postdoc employer. The department head must guarantee complementary costs or other necessary funding for the postdoc during the time of their employment. The grant will be transferred to and administered by the selected department. The department is responsible for the recruitment and employment of the postdoc.

The department must agree to use the funding exclusively for covering the salary of the recruited postdoc, employ the postdoc within one year from the time the grant is awarded, use the grant within two years from the start of the employment, and return the grant, or remaining parts of the grant, if the project does not start or is terminated prematurely.   

Review criteria

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of experts based on the following criteria: 

  • Novelty
  • Quality 
  • Feasibility
  • Relevance to the interdisciplinary focus i.e., how the KIRI Fellows’ competences complement each other for the success of the project
  • Conditions for the joint postdoctoral fellow, including supervision and quality of the training and research environment 


Successful applicants will need to report the date for the start of postdoc employment and submit annual reports on the progress of the project to the Committee for Research according to instructions that will be provided later.


The application shall include: 

  • A project description in English (maximum two pages) 
  • One CV for each KIRI Fellow applicant (maximum 2 pages per fellow) 
  • Ten most relevant publications for each KIRI Fellow 
  • A certificate from the head of the host department which shows that the department will host the project and recruit and employ the postdoctoral fellow researcher
  • Description of the supervision roles and training environment, and the resources and infrastructure that will be used (maximum 1 page)

Please submit your application electronically using the application form found in KI Prisma. The form is available during the application period 2022-06-03 to 2022-09-01.

Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed.