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About me

Guest professor in psychiatric epidemiology

Professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at Uppsala university

Physician, board-certified child- and adolescent psychiatrist

Research description

My research concerns developmental pathways and causes of psychiatric ill-health in children and young adults. Ever since my 1999 PhD-thesis on young (age 15-20) sexual offenders, violent and sexual offending behaviours has been a specific interest. Beyond causal research, I also address the effectiveness of medical and psychosocial interventions against various types of interpersonal violence. Finally, I conduct epidemiological studies of statistically uncommon sexuality and sexual behavior problems in the general population.

Between 2008 and March 2016, I worked as Senior researcher and National scientific advisor to the Swedish Prison and Probation Services (Kriminalvården) R&E. The mission was to contribute to evidence-based practices. That is, decision-making and client interventions in the Prison and Probation Services should be based on the best available empirical knowledge so that convicted offenders are better equipped to refrain from criminal recidivism and substance misuse after having served their sentences.