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About me

Natalia Stathakarou has a technical background and holds and MSc in medical informatics. She is a project coordinator  in the department of LIME (Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics) and she is acting as the:

  • Project Manager for the Erasmus+ Projects co-funded by the EU: WAVES “Widening Access to Virtual Scenarios” ; TAME: “Training against Medical Error” and "MEDCIN: Medical Curriculum Innovations"
  • Project Leader and technical expert for plenty of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) productions with focus on the system integration and learning analytics.
  • Project Coordinator of a KI funded project investigating the impact of different feedback models on the students' performance.
  • Consultant for scenario based learning with main focus on the dentistry and in disaster medicine.
  • Coordinator of the cloud infrastructure.


MSc Medical Informatics, Karolinska Isntitutet, 2014

BSc Computer Science and Telecommunications, National University of Athens, 2011

Research description


  • Stathakarou N, Kononowicz AA, Henningsohn L, McGrath C. Modelling Feedback in Virtual Patients: An Iterative Approach. Studies in health technology and informatics. 2018;247:201-5.
  • Stathakarou N, Scully ML, Kononowicz AA, Henningsohn L, Zary N, McGrath C. MOOC Learners’ Engagement with Two Variants of Virtual Patients: A Randomised Trial. Educ. Sci. 2018; 8, 44.
  • Berman AH, Biguet G, Stathakarou N, Westin-Hägglöf B, Jeding K, McGrath C, Zary N, Kononowicz AA. Virtual Patients in a Behavioral Medicine Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Participants' Perceptions. Acad Psychiatry. 2017 Apr 7.
  • Henningsohn L, Dastaviz N, Stathakarou N, & McGrath C. (2017). KIUrologyX: Urology As You Like It—A Massive Open Online Course for Medical Students, Professionals, Patients, and Laypeople Alike. European Urology, 72(3), 321-322.
  • Vaitsis C, Stathakarou N, Barman L, Zary N, & McGrath C. (2016). Using Competency-Based Digital Open Learning Activities to Facilitate and Promote Health Professions Education (OLAmeD): A Proposal. JMIR research protocols, 5(3).
  • Kononowicz AA, Woodham L, Georg C, Edelbring S, Stathakarou N, Davies D, Masiello I, Saxena N, Tudor-Car L, Car J, Zary N: Virtual patients simulations for health professional education (Protocol). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2016; 5:CD012194.
  • Kononowicz AA, Berman AH, Stathakarou N, McGrath C, Bartyński T, Nowakowski P, Malawski M, Zary N: Virtual Patients in a Behavioral Medicine MOOC: A Case-Based Analysis of Technical Capacity and User Navigation Pathways. JMIR Medical Education 2015; 1(2):e8
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  • Stathakarou N, Zary N, Kononowicz AA: Virtual patients in massive open online courses - design implications and integration strategies. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2014;205:793-7


Conference Contributions:


  • V. V. Thang, N. V. Hung, L. T. B. Yen, H. D. Tuyen, N. Stathakarou. Training against medical errors using virtual patients as an alternatively effective approach for competency based education. MEI 2018 conference, [06.09.2018]
  • R. Nurpeissova, A. Syzdykova, Zh. Bekbergenova, M. Zhakupbekova, X. Shnaider, N. Stathakarou. Experience of using virtual patients with medical error for undergraduate students in Astana Medical University, Leeds, MEI 2018 conference, [06.09.2018] 
  • Kononowicz A, Adler M, Schwarz D, Spachos D, Stathakarou N, Woodham L. Enhancements in accessibility and usability of SBL environments: results from the WAVES project AMEE 2017 conferece, Helsinki, Finland [28.08.2017] 
  • Woodham L, Stathakarou N, Topps D, Adler A, Kononowicz A, Schwarz D, Spachos D, Antoniou P. Integrating Virtual Scenarios using standards: Experiences of the WAVES project. MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2017, Baltimore, MD, USA [05.06.2017] (Oral communication)
  • Mcgrath C., Barman L., Stathakarou N., Vaitsis C., Zary N.: Competency based digital Open Learning Activities as an innovative conceptual model to facilitate and promote healthcare education. Digital Learning research Network: Making Sense of Higher Education: Networks and Change, Stanford, California [16.10.2015]
  • Kononowicz AA., Stathakarou N., Berman AH., Zary N.: Visual analytics in branched virtual patients. AMEE 2015 eLearning Symposium, Glasgow, Scotland , UK [06.09.2015]
  • Alfredsson J., Sejersen R., Stathakarou N., Zary N.: The e-Examination Ecosystem in Healthcare Education: Information and Process Models, Medical Informatics Europe, Thessaloniki, Greece [18.06.2015]
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  • Zary N., Kononowicz AA., Berman AH., Malawski M., Stathakarou N.: Challenges and opportunities of using virtual patients in xMOOCs , MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2015, Baltimore, MD, USA [19.05.2015]
  • Kononowicz AA., Stathakarou N., Berman AH., McGrath C., Bartyński T., Nowakowski P., Malawski M., Zary N.: Virtual Patients in Massive Open Online Courses: a technical toolbox. MCSB2015, Kraków Poland [14.05.2015]
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