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About me

I am a Physiotherapist with a master in Public health. I defended my thesis titled “Assessment of health enhancing physical activity at population level” in 2007 and have thereafter combined research with teaching at the Division of Physiotherapy, Karolinska Institutet. In 2010 I became an Associate professor in Physiotherapy.

My teaching is in the area of health promotion and exercise is medicine. I am for example course leader for the single subject course “Physical activity as prevention” and the doctoral course “Measurement of physical activity using objective methods”.


2007                    PhD in the disciple Medical Sciences, Public Health Nutrition,
                             Title: Assessment of health-enhancing physical activity at
                             population level. Supervisors: Associate professor Michael
                             Sjöström, PhD Pekka Oja and PhD Andrej Gribovskij

2001                    Master in Public Health, Karolinska Institutet

1996                    Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Karolinska Institutet

1981                    Laboratory assistant, Clinical Chemistry, Sundsvall

Research description

My research focus is in the area of physical activity and physical exercise. I study a) the levels and patterns of objectively assessed physical activity at population level as well as in subgroups of the population, b) the link between physical activity and health and c) the effect of exercise interventions on habitual physical activity levels. My research combines epidemiology, method development and intervention research.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

I have been successful as a principal applicant in receiving grants from Karolinska Institutet strategic research foundations, The Swedish Reserach Council (VR), Folksam, Åke Wiberg, ALF, Norrbacka-Eugenia foundation, Filip Lundbergs stiftelse and funding for doctoral students from KID and School of doctoral education in health care sciences. I have also, as a co-applicant, received large grants from VR, EU DG Sanco, Forte and Stiftelsen Sävstaholm.

In 2011 I was awarded the KI Pedagogic academy.

In 2014 I was awarded the Swedish Physiotherapist of the year.

Commissions of trust

2011 --               Expert adviser to the Swedish National Public Health Institute

2010-2011         Expert adviser to the National Board of Health and Social Welfare

2010 --               Responsible for the educational development at the division of   Physiotherapy

2010 --               Member of the board of the division of Physiotherapy

2009                    Arranged the final seminar for the ALPHA EU-funded project

2007 --2011      Member of the Program committee for the Physiotherapy program at KI. Responsible for course evaluations and quality control.


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