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About me

I am an associate professor in worksite health promotion, assistent head of the unit Intervention and Implementation Research in worker health and assistent director of Doctoral Education at IMM. 


Master in Health Sciences, specialized in Health Education and Promotion and Biological Health Sciences, Maastricht University, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Doctoral degree in Health Sciences. Title: the NHF-NRG-In Balance-project: development, implementation and evaluation of a weight gain prevention program. Academic institution: Maastricht University, Nutrition and Toxicology Research Institute Maastricht (NUTRIM), Human Biology, Maastricht, the Netherlands. 

Research description

My research activities are related to intervention and implementation research in the field of worker health. This means that I conduct research on how the health of the working population can be promoted at the workplace and how ill-health can be prevented. This research encompasses a broad range of research activities including gaining knowledge on determinants of health and health behaviour through observational studies, testing the effectiveness of methods targeting these determinants through intervention studies, assessing the methodological quality of measurement instruments through methodological studies and gaining knowledge on how effective interventions can be implemented into practice through implementation research studies.   

I am currently PI for a large implementation study financed by AFA-insurance, which is being conducted among 20 public primary schools in Sweden. The aim of the study is to compare the effectiveness of a multifaceted implementation strategy versus a single implementation strategy for implementing the Guideline for the prevention of mental ill-health at the workplace within schools. The effectiveness will be compared with regard to the extent to which the recommendations are implemented within the schools (implementation effectiveness) and with regard to social and organisational risk factors for mental ill-health, absenteeism and presenteeism (intervention effectiveness).

Teaching portfolio

I am since 2011 course leader of the doctoral course Public Health Intervention and Implementation research. I give lectures for undergraduate and graduate programmes on the topic of intervention and implementation research and supervise master-and doctaral students. 

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