Erik Forsell

Erik Forsell

Postdoctoral Studies
Visiting address: M46, Internetpsykiatrienheten, Psykiatri Sydväst, Karolinska Universit, 14186 Stockholm
Postal address: K8 Klinisk neurovetenskap, K8 CPF Kaldo, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • I am a licenced clinical psychologist, post doc and Director of Research and Development at the Internet Psychiatry Clinic in Stockholm (


  • My research focus is implementing, delivering and optimizing internet interventions within healthcare systems in order to reach as many in need as possible and provide treatments that are as effective and efficient as they can be.


  • I attenden the psychologist programme at Linköping University between 2009-2014 where my master's thesis was about ICBT for procrastination within a research project. This was my first experience providing internet interventions. After graduating I moved back to my hometown of Stockholm and came to the Internet Psychiatry Clinic as a prospective PhD-student and psychologist in five different randomized controlled trials of ICBT for insomnia, comorbid insomnia and depression, and depression during pregnancy. The focus of my doctoral thesis was adaptive treatment strategies in ICBT where patients are monitored during the early stages of treatment and those at risk of not benefitting from treatment get targeted with extra support and rescources. I defended my thesis in May of 2020, mostly via Zoom of course...


  • Since then I have been working as Director of Research and Development at the Internet Psyhciatry Clinic splitting my time between research, clinical developmend and management. 

  • Disseration of the year 2021: Beteendeterapeutiska Föreningen (Swedish Association of Behavior Therapy)

    Best oral presentation 2022: SweSRII 2022 - conference of the Swedish Society 

  • for Research on Internet Interventions

    PhD (Medicine doktorsexamen), Karolinska Institutet, Department of Clinical 

  • Neuroscience, 2020

    Clinical Psychologist, Linköpings Universitet, Department och Behavioral 

  • science and Learning, 2014


  • Internet delivered Cognitive Behavior Therapy (ICBT) for...
    * Depression during pregnancy
    * Insomnia
    * Comorbid insomnia and depression
    * Procrastination
    * Automated predicitve systems for patient outcomes in ICBT


  • I teach primarily at the psychologist programme at Karolinska Institutet where my focus is mostly reasearch design and philosofy of science as well cognitive behavior therapy, internet delivered treatments and models for psychological mechanisms. I also supervise and co-supervise several PhD students.

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  • Postdoctoral Studies, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, 2023-2026

Degrees and Education

  • Degree Of Doctor Of Philosophy, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, 2020

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