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About me

2008 PhD in Caring Science

I currently hold an assistant professor position at the unit of intervention- and impelmentation research for worker health. 


1998 Reg Nurse

2001 Postgraduate diploma in specialist nursing, district nursing

2008 PhD in Caring Science

Research description

The overall objective for my research programme is to contribute to the development and implementation of evidence based methods mainly in primary care, rehabilitation and occupational health services (focusing worker health).

I’m the PI for the project A problem solving based intervention as an intervention in primary health care for facilitating return-to-work among people suffering from common mental disorders – a cluster-randomized trial (PROSA). Problem solving therapy involving the workplace is an evidence-based intervention with promising effects on return-to-work among persons with common mental disorders. A key element is cooperation between the person on sick leave, his/her employer and health care professionals. The aim is to evaluate the effects of problem solving therapy in the Swedish primary health care system in an employed population on sick leave due to common mental disorders. In addition, we will conduct a systematic identification of ethical aspects from the perspectives of different stakeholders concerning a work-focused problem solving intervention and economic evaluation of a work-focused problem solving intervention, compared to care as usual.

The project is conducted by a multidisciplinary research group with researchers from Karolinska Institutet, University of Gothenburg, University of Linköping and University of Groeningen, the Netherlands.

I’m the project leader for Facilitators and barriers to coordination of return to work, and ethical issues which raises from such coordination among employees on sick leave due to common mental disorders. Qualitative design. A multidisciplinary research group with researchers from Karolinska Institutet, university of Uppsala and University of Linköping conduct the project, with funding from AFA Insurance.   

Together with researchers at the unit, I’ve performed evaluations of the national rehabilitation guarantee. In these, we have explored the effects of the guarantee on sick leave, how the guarantee has been implemented nationwide in Sweden and to what extent workplace interventions are implemented and used.  


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