Apostolos Bossios

Apostolos Bossios

Principal Researcher
Visiting address: Nobels väg 13, 17177 Solna
Postal address: C6 Institutet för miljömedicin, C6 Lung- och luftvägsforskning Bossios, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Consultant Respiratory Physician at Karolinska University Hospital.

    Research Groups Leader at the Institute of Environmental Medicine, Unit of Lung and Airway Research.

    *Commissions of trust*
    * ERS officer, Airway Diseases, Asthma, COPD and Chronic Cough Assembly
    5 Secretary.
    * Vice-chair in the steering committee of NSAN: Nordic Severe Asthma
    Network, which manages NORTHSTAR, the world's largest database on
    * Member of the steering committee of SHARP: Severe Heterogeneous Asthma
    Research collaboration, Patient-centred European Respiratory Society
    Clinical Research Collaboration.
    * Member of the steering committee of The Swedish National Airway Register.
    * Member for EMBARC, the European Bronchiectasis Registry, a European
    Respiratory Society Clinical Research Collaboration.​
    * PI for EMBARC at Karolinska University Hospital.
    * ​​​​​​Associate editor on asthma section for Frontiers in
    - 2000 MD, Medical School, National &
  • Kapodistrian University of Athens,
    Athens, Greece.
    - 2000 board-certified medical doctor, Greece.
    - 2003 board-certified medical doctor, Sweden
    - 2004 PhD in airway inflammation, National &
  • Kapodistrian University of
    Athens, Athens, Greece.
    - 2004-2007 Post-doctoral studies on airway immunology, ( Professor Jan
    Lötvall), Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University, Gothenburg, Sweden.
    - 2007-2013 Resident in Respiratory Medicine, Dept. of Respiratory
    Medicine and Allergy at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg.
    - 2012 Associate Professor (Docent) in Experimental Respiratory medicine,
    Gothenburg University.
    - 2013 Board-certified specialist in Respiratory Medicine, Sweden.
    - 2013 Associate Professor (Docent) in Respiratory Medicine, Gothenburg
    - 2021 Associate Professor (Docent) in Respiratory Medicine, Karolinska


  • I am a respiratory physician-scientist combining active clinical duties with clinical and translational research on airway diseases, focusing on severe
    asthma and bronchiectasis.

    My research aims to link the clinical symptoms and signs of severe asthma and bronchiectasis with the underlying inflammatory and immunological mechanisms contributing to a better understanding of those diseases with the ultimate goal of the well-being of our patients.


  • I actively participate in medical education at the graduate, post-graduate and professional levels.

    Teaching asthma at the graduate level for third-year medical students at the department of medicine, Huddinge, Karolinska Institutet and at the
    post-graduate level for nurses at the department of clinical science and
    education, Södersjukhuset, Karolinska Institutet.

    Teaching Respiratory Medicine at the graduate level for second-year dental
    students at the Department of Dental medicine, Karolinska Institutet.

    *PhD supervisor*
    Principal supervisor for PhD student Pia Ghosh, a specialist in Respiratory
    Medicine, Karolinska Institutet.
    Co-supervisor for PhD students
  • Valentyna Yasinska, Lorenz Wirth, and Yitao
    Gong, all at Karolinska Institutet.
    You Lu, M.D. (PhD 2011, Gothenburg University), Principal Supervisor
    Carina Malmhäll MSc (Ph.D. 2014, Gothenburg University), Co-supervisor
    Stig Hagstad, MD (Ph.D. 2015, Gothenburg University), Co-supervisor
    Berne Eriksson, MD (Ph.D. 2017, Gothenburg University), Co-supervisor
    Elza Evren M.Sci. (Ph. D 2022, Karolinska Institutet), Co-supervisor


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