Start a Video conference through Join and connect to a Video conference remotely at BioClinicum J3

  1. Book a conference room at the Education and Conference center on floor 3 in BioClinicum: Inquire a room for more than 20 persons and provided with Video conference option (only the bigger rooms). 
  2. Get a code and a link to the video conference "Join". It can be a one-time code or a permanent code if you have repeated seminar series. Make sure you specify what code you need when you book.
  3. Send the link and the code together with the invitation to the meeting/seminar to the participants. Ask attendees to mute their microphones before joining the meeting.
  4. On the time of the meeting/seminar, pick up the key card to the room from the reception. 
  5. In the room, start Video conference from the small touch screen “Video conference”. Enter the code - and you are now logged in with the whole room as a video conference. 
  6. Connect your computer to the cable and touch “presentation”; Choose computer 1 or Computer 2. Your presentation will appear on one screen and the remote participants will appear on the other screen.
  7. You need to use the microphones supplied in the room in order to be heard by the remote participants. They will see both the speaker and the presentation, and hear the questions from the audience, given that the microphone is used (a positive feature of the system).
  8. Before the meeting starts, remind remote participants to mute themselves, see the photo by Ola, to avoid background noise. Participants can unmute if they want to ask a question. The host of the video conference cannot mute the participants (a negative feature of the system). 
  9. For remote participants: The system has been tested at BioClinicum, SciLife and from private home Wi-Fi network and proven to work. Here are some hints:
    • Use cable network connection when at BC
    • If you encounter problems from the private Wi-Fi, use VPN connection
    • If you encounter problems, switch to Chrome as a Web browser
    • Follow the link from the invitation and Login with the code, there is no password, just press Enter. If it asks for a name – type your name