The story behind NVS: a firm foundation for continued success

Today, NVS is one of KI’s largest institutions, providing research and training to build knowledge all the way from cell to society.

Rarely has research conducted at NVS been more topical than today. We see that the proportion of elderly people in society is increasing, which creates challenges and opportunities. The development of society creates considerable need for more knowledge. We need to be able to treat the most common diseases in the elderly, use technology more effectively, and have methods and routines to offer a good life to all.

NVS can look back on the ground-breaking efforts made at the Department in dementia care and dementia conditions. The build-up of the region’s first geriatric clinic began in parallel with clinical and experimental research. Efforts that have paved the way for one of the first drug treatments for Alzheimer’s and so much more.

Our focus on ageing and dementia is clear in our Clinical Geriatrics and Neurogeriatrics divisions and in our General Medicine, Primary Care, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Nursing departments. The ARC interdisciplinary research centre is also located here.

At the same time, today’s NVS holds so much more knowledge and research in many more areas. We can see how diversity is the result of many years of personal research efforts and overall organisational improvements.

Today, NVS is an institution with strong cohesion between individuals and departments. There is very much a “we” spirit here that we constantly try to strengthen and develop. At NVS, everyone must feel involved and find individual opportunities for development and to have their say.

NVS is an important part of KI, where together we are building a better and more successful university. We all have a responsibility to create a good working environment. No one else can do that, it’s down to us pulling together.

As Head of Department, I am immensely proud to be part of NVS due to our rich history and the renewal of research and training that takes place here. We’re facing a revolutionary change in society that requires far more knowledge in terms of care for the elderly and dementia as well as other health- and medical care. 

Everyone at NVS continues to work to build up the knowledge required for sustainable social development - from cell to society.

Maria Ankarcrona,  Head of Department, NVS

Maria Ankarcrona, Professor and Head of Department at NVS. Photo: Ulf Sirborn

TEXT: Magnus Trogen Pahlén

Annika Clemes