Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center

Researchers under this theme operate in the field of nano-medicine.

Nanoscience promotes the studies of specific phenomena in the nano-size (10–9 m) dimensions. This approach opens for new ways of interacting with biological material and contributing to the advancement in medical research. A nanoscale object can easily fit into eukaryotic cells (10-100 µm) and bacteria (1–2 µm). Also, new opportunities emerge for specific interaction with biological macromolecules such as DNA (2 µm). Nanoparticles for multimodal imaging can be applied in cancer diagnostics and therapy, as well as in numerous experimental and clinical applications, also relevant to neuroscience. Major goals are to provide new tools to study the pathophysiology of diseases in real-time in living systems, and form the foundation for new and more efficient therapies.

Researcher in this field