Bioinformatics and Systems Development

The Bioinformatics and Systems Development unit is responsible for handling, analyzing, interpeting, and visualizing the data that is generated as we process research samples in the lab. The unit consists of two teams: the bioinformatics team and the systems development team.

The two teams have distinct responsibilities and and functions within the research group as a whole, but work closely together to ensure that all members of the research organization can be as effective at their work as possible.  

Photo: Liza Simonsson

The bioinformatics team consists of experienced translational researchers with a wide range backgrounds including for example bioinformatics, biology, microbiology, ecology, engineering, mathematics, physiology, statistics, sequence analysis, data analysis, programming, and more. Their job is to help interpret large-scale complex biological data and measurements such as questionnaire results, DNA/RNA sequencing data, etc., and combine them with additional information about the samples we analyze, to convert data into meaningful insights about the underlying biological and physiological processes that we study in our research projects. The bioinformatics team is often involved throughout the lifetime of an entire research project; assisting with overall experimental design in the early parts of projects, performing assessments and interpretations of the results from the lab work, to authoring the final publications where the research work and study findings are summarized in collaboration with all contributors to the project. 

The systems development team consists of bioinformaticians, engineers, software developers, and system administrators that hold a crucial infrastructure role within the lab. Their job is to ensure that the information technology systems we use are deployed in such a way that the other teams in the research group (e.g. the lab and bioinformatics teams) can perform optimally to process, analyze, interpret, and visualize the data that is generated, and that they have access to the resources required to do so. The systems development team is also responsible for the establishment, development, and continuous deployment of specialized IT-solutions to support the unique needs of all parts of the research organization, including database and custom web-based lab systems. 

Photo: Liza Simonsson

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