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Learning curve in open groin hernia surgery: nationwide register-based study.
Bladin O, Young N, Nordquist J, Roy J, Järnbert-Pettersson H, Sandblom G, Löfgren J
BJS Open 2023 Sep;7(5):

PHaLIR: prevent hernia after loop ileostomy reversal-a study protocol for a randomized controlled multicenter study.
Eklöv K, Bringman S, Löfgren J, Nygren J, Everhov ÅH
Trials 2023 Sep;24(1):575

Standardised Competency-Based Training of Medical Doctors and Associate Clinicians in Inguinal Repair with Mesh in Sierra Leone.
Ashley T, Ashley HF, Wladis A, Nordin P, Ohene-Yeboah M, Rukas R, Lipnickas V, Smalle IO, Holm K, Kalsi H, Palmu J, Sahr F, Beard JH, Löfgren J, Bolkan HA, van Duinen AJ
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Prevalence, incidence, repair rate, and morbidity of groin hernias in Sierra Leone: cross-sectional household study.
Lindenbergh KC, van Duinen AJ, Ahlbäck JG, Kamoh J, Bah S, Ashley T, Löfgren J, Grobusch MP, Sankoh O, Bolkan HA, 
BJS Open 2023 Jan;7(1):

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Inguinal Hernia Repair With Mesh Performed by Surgeons and Medical Doctors in Ghana. Beard JH, Thet Lwin ZM, Agarwal S, Ohene-Yeboah M, Tabiri S, Amoako J, Maher Z, Sims C, Harris HW, Löfgren J. Value in Health Regional Issues. 2022 Nov 1;32:31–8. 

Colon cancer treatment in Sweden during the COVID-19 pandemic: A nationwide register-based study.
Eklöv K, Nygren J, Bringman S, Löfgren J, Sjövall A, Nordenvall C, Everhov ÅH
Colorectal Dis 2022 Apr;():

Economic evaluation of expanding inguinal hernia repair among adult males in Ghana Thet Lwin ZM, Forsberg BC, Keel G, Beard JH, Amoako J, Ohene-Yeboah M, Tabiri S, Löfgren J. PLOS Glob Public Health 2: e0000270.

Cost analysis of negative-pressure wound therapy versus standard treatment of acute conflict-related extremity wounds within a randomized controlled trial.
Älgå A, Löfgren J, Haweizy R, Bashaireh K, Wong S, Forsberg BC, von Schreeb J, Malmstedt J
World J Emerg Surg 2022 02;17(1):9

Prevalence of Paediatric Surgical Conditions in Eastern Uganda: A Cross-Sectional Study.
Ajiko MM, Weidman V, Nordin P, Wladis A, Löfgren J
World J Surg 2022 03;46(3):701-708

Silicone Breast Implants and Disease-Many Questions Unanswered.
Löfgren J, Lohmander F
JAMA Netw Open 2021 09;4(9):e2128947

Predictors of immediate neonatal outcome after cesarean section in Uganda.
Båvenäs E, Möller C, Bhandarkar P, Mulowooza J, Löfgren J
Int J Gynaecol Obstet 2021 Oct;():

Global surgery for medical students - is it meaningful? A mixed-method study.
Kühner S, Ekblad S, Larsson J, Löfgren J
PLoS One 2021 ;16(10):e0257297

Surgical procedures for children in the public healthcare sector: a nationwide, facility-based study in Uganda.
Ajiko MM, Kressner J, Matovu A, Nordin P, Wladis A, Löfgren J
BMJ Open 2021 07;11(7):e048540

Barriers and potential solutions for improved surgical care for children with hernia in Eastern Uganda.
Ajiko MM, Löfgren J, Ekblad S
Sci Rep 2021 05;11(1):11344

Outcomes After Elective Inguinal Hernia Repair Performed by Associate Clinicians vs Medical Doctors in Sierra Leone: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Ashley T, Ashley H, Wladis A, Bolkan HA, van Duinen AJ, Beard JH, Kalsi H, Palmu J, Nordin P, Holm K, Ohene-Yeboah M, Löfgren J
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Preventing spread of SARS-CoV-2 and preparing for the COVID-19 outbreak in the surgical department: perspectives from two Scandinavian countries.
Lindeman RJ, Sund M, Löfgren J, Basso T, Søreide K
J Surg Case Rep 2020 May;2020(5):rjaa131

Groin Hernia Surgery in Uganda: Caseloads and Practices at Hospitals Operating Within the Publicly Funded Healthcare Sector.
Matovu A, Nordin P, Wladis A, Ajiko MM, Löfgren J
World J Surg 2020 10;44(10):3277-3283

Pandemin har visat vägen för att nå det globala hälsomålet. Löfgren J, [Internet]. Läkartidningen. 2020 [cited 2020 Nov 29]. 

Is quality of life after mastectomy comparable to that after breast conservation surgery? A 5-year follow up study from Mumbai, India.
Deepa KV, Gadgil A, Löfgren J, Mehare S, Bhandarkar P, Roy N
Qual Life Res 2020 Mar;29(3):683-692

Breast cancer care in Uganda: A multicenter study on the frequency of breast cancer surgery in relation to the incidence of breast cancer.
Ekdahl Hjelm T, Matovu A, Mugisha N, Löfgren J
PLoS One 2019 ;14(7):e0219601

Survey of surgical training and experience of associate clinicians compared with medical officers to understand task-shifting in a low-income country.
Passman J, Oresanya LB, Akoko L, Mwanga A, Mkony CA, O'Sullivan P, Dicker RA, Löfgren J, Beard JH
BJS Open 2019 10;3(5):704-712

Lessons for all from the early years of the global surgery initiative.
Wladis A, Roy N, Löfgren J
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Outcomes After Inguinal Hernia Repair With Mesh Performed by Medical Doctors and Surgeons in Ghana.
Beard JH, Ohene-Yeboah M, Tabiri S, Amoako JKA, Abantanga FA, Sims CA, Nordin P, Wladis A, Harris HW, Löfgren J
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From Measuring Disease Burden to Designing and Evaluating Solutions-Global Surgery Research in Evolution.
Beard JH, Ajiko MM, Löfgren J
JAMA Netw Open 2019 01;2(1):e186840

Cost-effectiveness of groin hernia repair from a randomized clinical trial comparing commercial versus low-cost mesh in a low-income country.
Löfgren J, Matovu A, Wladis A, Ibingira C, Nordin P, Galiwango E, Forsberg BC
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Hernia Mesh Repair and Global Surgery.
Beard J, Ohene-Yeboah M, Löfgren J
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A Randomized Trial of Low-Cost Mesh in Groin Hernia Repair.
Löfgren J, Nordin P, Ibingira C, Matovu A, Galiwango E, Wladis A
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Surgery in district hospitals in rural Uganda-indications, interventions, and outcomes.
Löfgren J, Kadobera D, Forsberg BC, Mulowooza J, Wladis A, Nordin P
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District-level surgery in Uganda: Indications, interventions and perioperative mortality.
Löfgren J, Kadobera D, Forsberg BC, Mulowooza J, Wladis A, Nordin P
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Cost of surgery in a low-income setting in eastern Uganda.
Löfgren J, Mulowooza J, Nordin P, Wladis A, Forsberg BC
Surgery 2015 Jun;157(6):983-91

Prevalence of treated and untreated groin hernia in eastern Uganda.
Löfgren J, Makumbi F, Galiwango E, Nordin P, Ibingira C, Forsberg BC, Wladis A
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Treatment patterns of childhood diarrhoea in rural Uganda: a cross-sectional survey.
Löfgren J, Tao W, Larsson E, Kyakulaga F, Forsberg BC
BMC Int Health Hum Rights 2012 Sep;12():19

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