Postgraduate studies at MMK

The MMK department conducts post-graduate studies in several fields of research in Medical Science. There are currently around 150 graduate students enrolled.

Postgraduate education at Karolinska Institutet (aiming for either a licentiate or Ph.D. degree) is largely based on the student's personal research project, which is complemented with courses and clearly specified knowledge requirements. It requires normally a total of fours years' full-time postgraduate education to acquire a Ph.D. degree.

Education is open to Swedish and foreign students


From August 26, 2018, there is a new process for admission. More information is available at

Green light – approval of a supervisor MMK

Half-time control

Each postgraduate student working towards a PhD is required to attend a half-time control, which should take place two years after registration or when the student has completed the equivalent of two years' postgraduate studies. The half-time control is compulsory if a student is to be permitted to defend his/her thesis at KI. An exemption can be made, however, for students holding a licentiate degree from KI in the same specialization.

What is required to conduct the half time review?

At least 7.5 higher education credits in general courses (for students registered in Medical Science) must be completed before half time review.

Students admitted from 1 July 2009: The basic knowledge in general science shall include statistics and research ethics, and "The introduction to doctoral education" at KI must be completed.

At least one annual review of the research study plan must have been completed between registration and halftime control.