Division of cardiology

At the Division of Cardiology we conduct research in a broad spectrum of cardiology

The division consists of three research groups which in turn are subdivided into smaller scientifically independent groups. We conduct research in the major cardiovascular areas including ischemic heart disease, coronary artery disease/atherosclerosis, heart failure, valvular disease, and cardiac arrhythmias as well as lifestyle style problems. The research is based on clinical problems investigated in the experimental laboratory-based projects and in clinical studies. Below you can read more about the groups and the specific projects conducted in these areas.

Research areas

Novel mechanisms and treatments for coronary artery disease and myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury   Research leader leader John Pernow

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease   Team leader Lars Rydén  

Heart failure with reduced and preserved ejection fraction. Clinical
and translational aspects
    Team leader Lars H Lund   

Heart failure: device research    Team leader Cecilia Linde                                                        

Molecular cardiology   Group leader Francesco Cosentino

Cardiovascular prevention (focusing lifestyle)   Mai-Lis Hellénius


John Pernow Photo: No name,Karolinska Institutet

Division leader

Professor John Pernow

Telephone: 08-517 758 76

Unit: Research group J Pernow

E-mail: John.Pernow@ki.se