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Director Medical Case Centre

Jonas' research focuses on medical education, he is currently co-supervising three PhD-Candidates. He is the director for Karolinska Institutet’s Prize for Research in Medical Educations Fellows (KIPRIME Fellows).

Jonas Nordquist, PhD is a medical educationalist.  His research focuses on leadership and implementation of change in health professions education. He has been deeply involved in research and development of physical learning spaces in Sweden and globally. Art, performing arts, literature and humanities in general are strong interests of his and how this can be incorporate in teaching and learning.

Jonas has a close collaboration with broadcasters and producers at BBC to explore how digital educational productions and further be developed and professionalized in health professions education. He is a co-chair of the International Conference on Residency Education at the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Canada and the regional hub leader for faculty development, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), USA.

Work group

Bijan Darvish

Affiliated to Research

Bijan Darvish, MD, PhD is a Senior consultant in anaesthesia and intensive care in perioperative medicine and intensive care (PMI) at the Karolinska University Hospital and former Program Director and Head of residency at PMI. He is involved in research on neuroimaging of brain activity and expert/novice problem-solving skills in clinical medicine.

Irene Sterpu

Postdoctoral Researcher

Irene Sterpu MD, PhD is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology with a great interest in both undergraduate and postgraduate Medical Education and faculty development. Her educational research centers around team-based learning in the clinical setting, neuroimaging of brain activity in clinical problem-solving and indeed on the experiences of the new foundational year doctors (“”BT-doctors”).

Cecilia Kallin

Affiliated to Research

Cecilia Kallin, RPT, B.Sc., is Faculty Development Program Manager, Education Office, Karolinska University Hospital, Perioperative Medicine and Intensive Care (PMI). Trained as a physiotherapist and a former professional Ballet dancer, and dance artist, with a degree from the Royal Swedish Ballet School. Currently, she coordinates educational activities locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Cecilia also has the role of Research assistant and Executive Secretary Education and works with administrative support for the Medical Education Director and the Nursing Education Director. She’s a part of the Research and Education management group at PMI.

Jerome Rotgans

Affiliated to Research

Jerome Rotgans, PhD, is a cognitive psychologist. He leads the neuroimaging research program to study clinical expertise in medicine. He also has expertise in team-based learning research and research on learner motivation (“situational interest”). Part of this research program is within the Medical Case Centre.

Hanna Wijk

Affiliated to Research

Hannas Wijk, PhD is a phycologist. Her research focuses on educational leadership in the post-graduate context.

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