Berzelius exhibition at Biomedicum

Objects that belonged to Jacob Berzelius, one of the founding fathers of Karolinska Institutet, are on display in the new permanent exhibition at Biomedicum.

Prof. Elias Arnér during the inauguration of the new permanent Berzelius exhibition at Biomedicum. Private picture.

On December 18, 2023, a new permanent exhibition about Berzelius was inaugurated in our laboratory building, Biomedicum, with Elias Arnér being one of the curators and holding one of the inaugural presentations.

The Berzelius exhibition showcases objects, writings, and laboratory equipment of Berzelius, displayed throughout our building.

Berzelius invented and introduced several key concepts in chemistry and medicine that are still widely used, such as "catalysis", "protein", "isomerism" and "organic chemistry". He was an appreciated teacher, he believed that chemistry underpins all physiological and pathological processes in living organisms, and he discovered several basic elements, among them Selenium (Se) in 1817/1818. He also invented the chemical nomenclature still used (eg. H2O for water). Berzelius laid the foundations of the modern life sciences in a manner that can hardly be sufficiently appreciated.

If you wish to come and visit our building, and see the Berzelius exhibition on-site, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Some of the Berzelius exhibits shown at Biomedicum.
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